Third Cruise and a Proposal

The same people at work that had planned the first cruise are getting another one together, and I asked the people at church again and we all decided to go. We had a year to save up the money and we could pay it out in increments. I had some time and so I was thinking to myself that I would really like to do something neat for our 40th wedding anniversary that was coming up in August, ant this cruise was going to be in May. I took one of her rings that she does not wear very often and while she was at symphony I went to a jewelry store, found a ring that I thought she would like, it had a little bigger diamond than her original wedding band for when we were married 40 years ago she would not let me spend too much on a ring. I explained to the people at the jewelry store that I need to open an account for if I paid for it or charged it my wife would find out before I could give it to her on the ship. I bought the ring and had them size it with the ring I had brought. The wife and I were both on weight watchers and she has lost 150 pounds and I had lost 75 pounds. I told my wife I would like a suit to wear on the ship for the dress up night, (the ship has one night where you dress up for dinner), I did not have a suit in fact I haven’t had a suit since the wedding 40 years ago. The night of her concert I dropped her off as I usually do but instead of going home I went to the Jewelry store and picked up her ring and I also told them to please send the bill to my sons address so that my wife would not see it, I brought the ring home and hid it where she would never find it and luckily she had not missed the one I had taken.

It came time for the cruise and we all did pretty much the same as we did last time we drove down. This was a different cruise line so it was nice to see a different ship, I have to admit this was back in 2005 and I am trying not to get some of this information mixed up with the 2003 cruise we went on May Cruse Asking My to marry me aginwith the same group. The ship left port around 17:00 and we sailed all night plus all the next day. We dressed up for dinner that night and I hid the ring in my pocket and headed for the restaurant. We were seated and they came and took our orders and while they were busy turning them in I took advantage of them being gone so I got up went around on the other side of my wife and bent down, she knew something was up for I have bad knees and it is hard for me to get up and down, any way I pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me again and praise the Lord she said yeMay Cruse Boat to take us to the piers. I thank we went to Ocho Rios Jamaica first and my wife and I stayed on board and relaxed. Next we headed for George Town Grand Cayman and this is the cruise where we kissed the stingray thMay Cruse Grand caymon from our roomat I had mentioned on our first cruise. And then off to Cozumel Mexico again so here we just got off and went to the shops down by the pier, they have aMay Cruse Cazomel Mexiaco lot of shops and places to get something to eat if you want to. We figured we would eat on ship since it was already paid for. We did not set up to renew our vows until we got home and it was closer to our anniversary.


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