First Cruise on a Cruise Ship

Years ago I had seen pictures of people getting on cruise ships, and I would wonder what that was like, and where were those people going, what all were they going to be seeing. I often wondered what it was like for those people and even my ancestors getting on a ship and coming to America. After I was married the wife and I would watch the show the Love Boat, and as the people would board the ship and go to their cabins, and thin the ship would pull away from the pier and head out to see, and both of us would say I wonder what that would be like, for we both knew we would never find out for we would never be able to afford it. Who Mom on shipwould have ever guessed that after the Lord had blessed me with a wonderful wife who knew how to take care of finances and then God worked it out for me to get a wonderful job, and with all the kids raised and through Collage, and  then bang the opportunity came up for us to go on a cruise. Where I worked a group of people got a group rate set up to go on a one week Carnival cruise out of Galveston Texas to Jamaica, Georg Town Grand Cayman, Cozumel Mexico and Tulum Mexico so I talked it over with Charlotte and thin I set us up to go. In fact I mentioned it to our Sunday school class at church and five couples singed up also so we had some good friends going with us. My cousin and his wife road with us. Galveston was about 13 hours from where we lived by car and instead of spending money on airline tickets we split the cost of gas for the car. We left on Saturday because it was so far down there and our whole group stayed in a motel in Houston, we could not board the ship until noon on Sunday. My son lives by Houston so we were heading to his home when the car just started spinning we went backwards between two poles; thank goodness we did not get hurt and no damage to the car. It was a little misty outside and maybe I was going too fast, I don’t know what caused it but the main thing now is they had something to tease me about. We had a good time visiting with our kids and grandkids but we needed to get to Galveston unload the lugged find the parking lot to park the car and get loaded on the ship.

The time had finely come for us to board the ship and I was remembering back when I saw those pictures and that show the Love Boat, it was exciting and we were having a great time for we had met up with our friends from church and some from my work we had a blast acting like school kids going on a field trip. We got on ship went and found our room; we had gotten a room with a window so we could see out while traveling across the water. My cousin and his wife had a room next door to ours so when we put our carry on luggage up we knocked on the state-room door to see if they wanted to explore a little so we did. We went up to the Lido deck which was on deck 9 and there they had all kinds of food to eat in fact a person could not ever go hungry. The ship was due to leave port around 5:00 and we were to have a life boat drill before we could leave so everyone had to go to their staterooms and wait for the drill, then they were to take thir life jackets with them to the assigned lifeboat station where they would explain how to put on the life jacket if needed and which boat to get on. After the drill we all went back to our rooms and thin lined the outside decks to watch the ship leave port just like in the movies. We had picked early dinning and so after the ship got underway from the pier we went to our restraint for dinner.

We spent the next day out at sea and it brought back memories from when I was in the navy but the best part is I did not have to work like I did in the navy. The next morning we pulled in to Montego Bay Jamaica, my wife and I was looking forward to being in Jamaica again for we had been here when we flew in for our son’s wedding which was in Negril. We remember when we were in Negril we were at an all exclusive resort and we loved it we had no problems with the Jamaican people. When we got off the ship at Montego Bay we were surrounded by people wanting money, or to sell us something, so we just did not feel comfortable and we went back on board ship. There wereCruise Ships in Port just a few shops about three blocks from the pier where the ship was docked so we got our courage up and walked to them so the misses could do a little souvenir shopping. We got underway that night and set sail for George Town Grand Cayman, we arrived there the next morning and it was beautiful, we had signed up for swimming with the stingrays and that was great. We took a bus to a small boat on the other side of the island, we got onboard the boat and away we went what looked like out in the middle of the ocean for you could barely see land in two different direGeorgetown Harborctions. When we came up in what was shallow water, in fact when you got out of the boat it was about waist deep. As the boat was pulling up to anchor you could see these stingrays swimming around, we werOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAe told that once we get into the water do not walk just drag your feet for if you step on a stingray it will react just like a dog he will either bite you or run the stingray will either sting you or run. They felt so smooth when they rubbed against you, and they would eat squid out of your hand with their mouth on the bottom side of their head. One of the tour guide asked if I wanted a message with one of the larger stingrays and I said sure so he turned the stingray around and rubbed his wing up and down my back and that really felt good, also the wife and I got to kiss a stingray, needless to say this was one of the highlights of our cruise.

The next day we were in Cozumel Mexico the ship tied up at the dock and thin we could walk into town which was about a mile and half from the docks. We walked in town and shopped around. Some of the group went snorkeling, some wanted to eat in town but my wife and I went back to the ship. I don’t thank the ship was leaving until 10:00 and we set sail to Playa del Carmon which was just across the bay. The next morning we got up and loaded on a bus and went to Tulum where the Mayan Ruins are located, there is a spot  where you look over and there is a beautiful beach where you can walk down and wade in the beautiful light blue water. We spent most of the day there and thin went back to the ship, when all was aboard we set sail back to Galveston and our first cruse was over.


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