Surprising my Wife Part Two

When we got up the next morning we had breakfast and then we just looked around the state park and let the kids take a dip in the lake, I guess it was around 11:00 when we decided to leave and we headed to Shreveport. When got there it was lunch time and the kids saw a sign for Ponchos Mexican Restaurant and wanted to eat there so I pulled in. Now if you have read the story about when we brought or oldest grandson here, then you would know the story about his dad turning over the table and dumping ever thing on the floor as we were leaving the restaurant. After leaving the restaurant heading east towards Dallas we decided since we were so close we would drop by and see our niece and nephew who live in Winona Texas so we headed that way. After turning off if I-20 north towards Winona the truck started acting like it was running out of gas, but I knew that I had at least half a tank so I pulled over to the side of the road. It was really hot that day so I thought it might be vapor locking, I got out popped the hood and had Charlotte crank the engine while I looked down the Carburetor; I could not see any gas being pumped Fuel Pumpdown the carb so I figured it was the fuel pump. I got a ride into Tyler which was about 10 miles away; luckily the International Harvester dealer was at the edge of town so I went in and explained that I worked for IH in Amarillo and that I needed a fuel pump for my 68 binder he sold me one at a discount due to working for an IH dealer and they had their parts chaser take me back to the truck. It was so hot out and I was going to have to lay on the hot pavement to get to the fuel pump that was mounted on the side of the engine, “that’s right back in those days the fuel pump was mounted on the side of the engine and was driven by the cam shaft instead of being inside of the fuel tank and was electronic”. I hated to do it but I had to use one of the quilts that Charlotte had in the camper to keep me from getting burnt by the hot pavement. It only took me about 20 minutes to change out the fuel pump and we were ready to go, the quilt had black tar all over it from where I was laying on the black top pavement. We drove on in to Winona and spent the night there.

We had talked about going to Caddo State Park and spending the night there but when we got there we were disappointed in the park and decided not to stay, we headed back to the North West not sure where we would stay the night. I was driving along on highway 49 when I spotted a sign that said Dangerfield State Park and it was getting about time to eat I had already passed the entrance so we went on into the town of Dangerfield, stopped at a grocery store and picked up some things for sandwiches and we drove back to the state park. It was a beautiful park and we could camp right next to the lake so we decided to spend the night there in fact if I remember correctly we spent two nights there. We hated to leave but were happy we had discovered this park and decided we would come back again sometime, but we were up at dawn and headed home knowing that even though the old binder made it back that we were going to have to get something more dependable and travel back here again.


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