Surprising my Wife Part One

We loaded up the family and decided to go to south Texas around San Antonio. We visited the Alamo looked around town and then we went to the Zoo, that was a mistake it was so hot the animals would not come out of their cages and I told Charlotte and the kids that they were inside where it was cool saying look at those dumb humans walking around out there in the heat. That night at the camp site we were talking about what we wanted to do next, I suggested we head east to Louisiana so we did and drove to Baton Rouge where we had a late lunch and Charlotte saw a Laundromat and said she had some cloths that need washing so we stopped, while she was in there the kids and I stayed in the camper. My kids heard a little girl and boy playing hide and seek so they watched them, The little boy hid and the little girl instead of counting to 10 was saying I have a blue bird in my pocket can I kill him and the little boy would say uh-uh, this went on for a little while than finely when the girl said I have a blue bird in my pocket can I kill him we heard the boy say uh-huh, then she would go find him. After we finished with the laundry we continued east and stopped at Fontainebleau State Park on Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana. It was a nice state park and it was wide open you could see the big long bridge that crossed the lake. Now I am going to say this just the way it was told me so please don’t hold this against me for this is not my views, I was talking with a man camped next to me, he was from that area and I told him how nice the park was, he told me that it was nice until they started letting them “Beep” camp here, I decided that I could not say it.  I told him I need to go because I did not want to hear or talk about that anymore.

Charlotte asked me were in the world I was taking her and I said well now that we are close enough I will tell you we are going to see where you were born, she was so excited she has always wondered about what it looked like where she was born. We headed out toward Gulfport Mississippi where her dad was stationed in the Army air core in world war two. We drove around and looked it over but the old base was not there anymore so we could not find the exact place that she was born but at least she got to see the town. My old binder pickup gets 8 miles to the gallon and it does not matter if the Cab over camper was on it are not, the reason I am even mentioning this now is that this is the first place that I had to pay over a dollar a gallon. I remember how mad that made me back thin, I would never gripe about it again if only the gas prices would drop back down to that. After looking around we headed up toward Shreveport LA and as we were going down one of the back roads the pickup started acting up, I got out and was trouble shooting the problem, I was not getting any spark to the distributor which meant no spark to the plugs so I traced power down to the coil, I had power to one side but no power coming out the other side. I told Charlotte this is great we are in the middle of nowhere and this was before we ever thought of having cell phones. A man drove by and thin backed up and asked if he could help, I explained the problem and instead of offering to take me any place he said he would be right back. I told Charlotte I do not know what he was doing but he said he would be back; it Coilmade both of us a little nervous. Well he came back and he had a coil with him that would fit my binder, he said he had a couple of binders at home and that he had this extra used coil and he just gave it to me and would not take any money. We asked him if there was a place to camp around here and he told us about this state park called Lake Bistinau State Park, I got the truck going again and we headed for the park. When we got to the park I noticed a sign that said state park number one so I pulled in and asked if they had any sites with electricity and he said yes he did but that we were going to have to go to the other state park with the same name for this park was for you guessed it, for the “Beep”, that was twice now that we heard this and it made us very uncomfortable but you can imagine how it made black folks feel.


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