Scouting with my Boys Part Four

 Troop 86 got our shipment of new tents in just in time for our Colorado summer camp. The scouts moved all the camping gear from down in the basement to the parking lot where the troop trailer was setting, while one group was bring the equipment up another group would load it into the trailer. We had the boys meet up at the church Saturday morning at 06:00; I had the trailer hooked to my suburban for the trip, we had a convoy heading that way it took us most of the day to get up to where we were going to camp which was about 430 miles. I do not remember exactly where we camped but it was very close to the continental divide south of Breckenridge Colorado. We had gotten permission from the owner of a ranch up there to camp on his land, in fact they said that we would need four-wheel vehicles to get up there, we had told them about are trailer and we needed a jeep are something to get it up to the camp site. Well we got there and of course no one was there to meet us so I told the Scout master to head on up as far as we can go and I would take it easy and pull the trailer as far as I could, we started up the rough dirt and rock path is what I would call it but I maneuvered the car and trailer all the way to the camp site. We had a great week up there the boys were able to hike and stand on the divide, and work on several Merit badges, plus it snowed a little and of course they had a blast in that. After the week we headed back home I was tickled the even though the suburban was not four-wheel drive and set a lot lower that a four-wheel drive that it made it up there and back down without any problem. It wasn’t to long after the scout trip that I would notice the car would act like one of the rear wheels was loose are something, so I checked the wheel it was tight, thin I had Charlotte drive it while I drove beside her to see if I could see anything and of course I could not. Finley I jacked the car up again and crawled under it where I could see that the cable going to the parking brake had a kink;and this was causing the break to stay applied just enough to cause that wheel to drag causing a vibration, the only thing I could figure was that trip up the mountain it caught on a rock and put the kink in it, I replaced the cable and problem solved.

Troop 86 decided this year to go to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico which is about 244 miles from home. This camp is known nationwide and scouts come from miles around. There are several things that scouts can do and one of these is to climb what they call the tooth of time which is 9003 feet,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA once a person as claimed this he or she is allowed to buy a buffalo patch and put his tail over your shoulder to show that you have successfully climbed the tooth. For years my knees have been bad, back problems due to my wreck years ago, and just out of shape, but I started hiking with the scouts, it wasn’t long before I started lagging behind I told them to go ahead but our scoutmaster lagged behind and stayed with me, he asked if I was all right and I told hi

Philmont Scout Ranch
Philmont Scout Ranch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

m that I could make it but I was going to have to go slow and rest every little bit. I felt bad that he stayed behind with me but he said he wanted to and that it was ok. After a while I started noticing some of the scouts were already coming back down, but stayed with it and when we reached the top I felt great but I did ask where’s the elevator to take me down was. It was beautiful up on top and I would recommend any that can to go up there. Some of the boys stayed behind and went with me on the way back down, that was quiet a

venture for me so I stayed in camp the rest of the day while the other leaders and the boys explored the scout ranch.

Troop 86 was a troop that had turned out several Eagle scouts. I do not remember how many boys got there Eagles I just know that all the boys would pitch in and help any way they could to help one to achieve this honor. I am not sure if I was pushing my twins to hard or if it was that they started getting too busy with their school friends and of course girls, but both of them just wanted out of scouts. I knew that all they liked was maybe one merit badge and completing a project but it just did not seem to matter to them anymore. Maybe I wanted this for me and not them, any way I let them drop out and so that was the end of scouting for our family.


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