Scouting with the Boys Part Three

Ranks in the Boy Scouts of America

The boys are in Boy Scouts now and they are now meeting with their new troop that meets in St Paul United Methodist Church basement. This is a fairly large troop and they have enough scouts that they can divide the boys in different groups by age, they would assign an older more experienced boy with higher rank to help and guide the younger boys with their duties, training, and working on merit badges. We had a head scout master and six or seven assistant scout master to which I was one of them. Down in the basement where we would meet the men had built several large cabinets where we could store all of our tents and camping equipment, the troop was rely blessed for we seemed to have plenty of funds to work with, not only did we have fund-raisers but the church were me met would donate money to help us with our activities. Our troop colors are orange and black so our boys were easy to spot no matter where they might be, we would instill in them that they always need to treat people with respect and be on their best behavior and especially when they are in uniform because they would be easily identified by the colors of their scarf and hats. Also we had a bright orange trailer with troop 86 in large black letters and numbers so it was also easy to spot which came in handy when we were camping out for we had some dads that would need to come up later and they could spot us verily easy.

The boys had several camp out at camp Don Herrington and I was unable to go to a lot of these camp outs for where I worked started having a lot of mandatory overtime on weekends. But the times that I did get to go was always a good time with my boys. I remember at one of the camp outs the boys had to get a raw egg and pack it in a box in such a way that the egg would not break when it was dropped from a bucket truck raised as high as it could go. I do not remember what they would get if their egg did not break but there was a lot of excitement when they loaded the boxes in the bucket and the man went up as high as he could go and then he would toss them up in the air and down they would come, we had egg everywhere for some of the boxes would bust open and the boxes that did not break open the judges would open each box to check the egg, one of the twins egg did not break but I am not sure which one it was.

One of the jobs of the scouts in troop 86 is that when we went camping the boys set up the tents even the tents for the leaders, I do not remember when it started but I noticed that one tent was set up away from all the others, well that was my tent I asked the boys why were they setting up my tent so far away from the others and they said sorry Mr. H but you snore to loud the first time we heard you we thought there was a bear coming into camp. Our tents were getting old and needed a lot of repairers so we set up a committee of scouts and a couple of leaders to check out and purchase new tents. We found some nice tents thru L.L. Bean and they had a life time warranty which was great for the scouts, if the tent got a tear or if a pole broke they would replace it so we voted and perches 12 of them I think each tent would sleep four or six scouts I do not remember how many for sure. It turned out to be a good deal because with that many tents we did have a pole or two to break and a zipper that messed up but we would just packed it up and send it into L.L. Bean and they would take care of it.


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