Scouting with the Boys Part two

Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument, Tex...

Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument, Tex...

One of my assistant Scout Masters was a member of a mountain man club here in Amarillo. They dress in authentic leather cloths and carry a black powder rifle, any way it is impressive. He set up an outing down on the Canadian river with one other man who is in his club, we met them down at the river donned or backpacks only with the essentials need for are long hike and campout. Needless to say the boys learned purity quick that stuff they thought they had to have and took for granite when we just drove to the camp site then unpacked and set up camp, they really did not need. I do not remember for sure but it seemed like we hiked for 5 miles to where we were to camp. We got there and set up camp thin Mr. P and his buddy showed the boys how living not camping was like way back thin. They demonstrated how to shoot a black powder gun, how to throw and use an ax, build a fire without matches or a lighter using flint and dried grass or even bring laundry lint with you for starting your camp fire. All the next day Mr. P taught the boys how to stalk and hunt for food, how to find water to drink and how to catch the morning due to use as drinking water. Then we worked on the badges they need as Webelos to help them move on to boy scouts. While we were out at the Canadian river we were not too far from the Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument so we took the boys there and let them take the tour where they learned about the Indians that use to live in this area and they could see arrow heads just lying on the ground but they were not allowed to pick them up, they could ask the ranger questions and take notes so we could talk about it later in a meeting. Mr. P while we were hiking in the park had gone in and talked with a ranger about getting some arrow heads, he explained what he intended to do with them and so the ranger helped him pick out some that they could sell.

The time had come for the boys to graduate from Webelos to boy scouts and we had found a troop the boys were going to join. Now I do not remember for sure if this was a Webelos thing, or if the boys had to do this to be able to join the troop, or what but I do remember that we had to go down to Camp Don Harrington and the boys and the leaders had to find a place to spend the night by them self’s. Now we could have a sleeping bag and a flashlight but that was it, we had to stay in that spot all night until the bell at the mess hall rang the next morning. I had to leave early because I had to work that weekend so I got permission to do that it was a good 45 minutes to where I worked from the camp ground so I had to set the alarm on my watch so I could get up by 05:30 so I could get home clean up and drive out to the plant. I did not sleep very good for worrying about the boys and how they were doing, but I never did hear any crying or yelling so I guess they were ok, I finely looked at my watch and it was time to go, it was still dark but I could see by moon light, I worked my way down to the swinging bridge over the bridge now that was an experience to do that in the dark and then up to the mess hall and over to the parking lot, I was hoping that starting my old truck didn’t wake anyone up. After work I went back down to the camp ground to see how everything was going and all the boys had done great. We had a meeting set up on a Friday night up at the school where we met. We had the boys from scout troop 86 and their leaders, all of our boys and their parents and a very special guest who is a former scout and Eagle Scout to head up the ceremony. I was so proud of all the boys for all the work they have done to lead up to this moment, they all looked so sharp standing up on the stage, as each one heard their name called they would come up and receive their arrow of light pin, new scout scarf, A troop 86 hat and Mr. P had made each boy a real arrow with feathers, and a real flint arrow-head, it had a banner on it with the Pack 75Jeffs Arrow Den 4 and all of the pins they had earned and now they were official boy scouts. Sorry the feathers look so rough this has been hanging in my garage for at least 25 years.

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