Scouting with my Boys

I never was with CeAnne and her Girl Scout stuff because this job went to the women so I only got stories thru hearsay and I remember that Ce, was at camp NE of Amarillo while we were under a severe thunder-storm watch. The girls were staying in some kind of permanent structure with dirt floors and so when the storm dumped a hard rain the water went right down the middle of their room and socked ever thing. I know that is not much to talk about so if and when my daughter reads this maybe she will call me and give me more info.

Charlotte and I took the Cub Scout Den to Lake McClellan one Saturday for a fishing outing we had several boys counting the twins plus or daughter. We left out kind of early, well as early as you can with a bunch of boys. It took us about an hour to get to the lake when we got there we had a group meeting with the boys and the other leaders that was with us. At this meeting I told the boys and Ce, how to bait the hooks and fasten the bobbers on the line, thin I showed them how to cast the lines out in to the water watching out for anyone who might be around them. I tried to get them to leave the hooks in the water long enough to catch a fish, but every time the bobber would barely move they would real in the line, of course we as leaders were constantly going to help the boys get there lines free when it would catch in a tree or stuck in the moss or an underwater tree limb. After an hour or so I heard one of the boys screaming and I ran to where he was at sure enough my daughter had caught a cub scout. It was not funny and it scared me for the hook had caught him in the cheek close to his eye and it had gone in and the point was sticking out. It took us a little bit to get him calmed down for me and his dad to even look at it. There was no way I was going to be able to get it out without hurting him so I decided to cut the fishing line load him in the car and his dad and I took him to a hospital in Pampa Texas which was 27 miles away but it was closer than Amarillo. We got there his dad gave permission to have the doctor remove it and give him a tetanus shot. The doctor deadened the area cut the hook in to and removed it, then put a bandage on it and we were free to go. We got back to the lake and the rest of the day went great, and now that everything was all right we started teasing Ce that she was practicing trying to catch a fella.

When the twins became Webelos I was the scoutmaster for pack 74 den 4 things started getting interesting for we started camping out. I had some great dads that came into help. We had several camp outs down at Camp Don Harrington Boy Scout camp South of town I remember one of the camp outs we had taken our tents down and was setting them up, well I picked up my tent to set up and I could not find the poles or steaks to set it up with, so much for being prepared, the boys loved it because the leader was not prepared, I told them that I was just showing them what would happen when you were not prepared. The boys offered me one of their tents but I said no thank you for I was not responsible enough to bring all of my equipment that I would sleep in my tent the way it was, the next morning I got up, and set out to wakeup boys when I felt something moving in my hair so I reached up and brushed my head with my hand and a centipede fell out needless to say it made me jump.

We took the boys over on the North side of Lake Meredith one weekend it was a beautiful area, it was sandy with lots of mesquite trees and some cliffs to climb and explore. We had a great night Friday night spent all day Saturday hiking and seeing what all we could find to help with different badges. Saturday evening we built a camp fire made us up what some people called hobo dinners which consisted of some Potatoes, carrots, and onion cut up in chunks, and either hamburger meat or chicken rolled up together in foil and put down in the coals to cook it was so good, That night a thunder-storm came up and caught us off guard, the boys had the windows open on their tents  and we had a hard rain which got into the tents before the boys could get the windows closed, we all got up and slept the rest of the night in the cars. The next morning when we all woke up we opened up all the tents to let them dry out and hung up the sleeping bags to dry, then we had breakfast, a scout church service, hiked around some more and after everything had dried we packed up and headed for home.


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