Liberty Call Hong Kong 1968

USS Albatross

Uss Albatross refueling alongside the Monticello

Pulling into Hong Kong

The Monticello comming in to Hong Kong

Me on the ship

Me on the 02 leval midship

Vew of Hong Kong

On overlook in Hong Kong

I have always heard join the Navy and see the world for me that was true. It was not to long after catching up with my ship in Vietnam that our ship headed to Hong Kong, I just could not believe that this ole Texas boy was getting to go to the Orient. I could not get over how big and spread out this city was, I just wish we had enough time to explore it all. I remember the first liberty day the ship pulled into port and anchored out in the bay, there were several of us from A division getting our summer whites on which consisted of white bell bottom pants, white navy jumper, and of course the standard black tie which had to be rolled and tied with a square knot, spit shined black shoes. I was a little nerves being as how I had never been in such a place so Villa our first class engineman who had taken me under his wing was going with us. Finley the duty boatswain’s mate blew his boatswain pipe and announced liberty call we went up to the quarter deck saluted the flag and asked permission to leave the ship, the officer of the deck gave us permission, down the gangplank we went on board the liberty barge and off we went. Of course we were afoot and it wasn’t too far to downtown I guess that was where we were at’ any way doing what sailors do we started hitting the bars. The very first one we went into and we set down at the bar and ordered some beers, no one had told me what to expect but this woman came up to me and started rubbing my crotch and started asking, well I will let you imagine what she was asking, any way I looked over at Villa and he had this big grin on his face then he said just tell her you have no money and so I did and she left immediately.

View of Hong Kong 1

Looking over Hong Kong

View of Hong Kong 2

The ship on the Left is the Montcello
The ship on the right is the USS Semionel

The next day when I went on liberty again and some of us took a tour that took us sightseeing, there was a tram that would take you up to the top of this mountain and you could get a good look of the city from there, it was a little smoggy but you could still see ferly well. I have few pictures of the city from there and in one of the pictures you can see my ship the USS Monticello and the USS Seminole, these pictures was taken with an old instamatic camera and they are about 45 years old. Next we went to the Tiger Balm Gardens, then down by the beach and over to one part of China and for the life of me I can’t remember where exactly, I know we went to a brewery where I thought the beer was terrible, we went to a lookout point and if you had a pair of binoculars you could see the Great wall of china


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