Trip of Summer 1999 Part 3

Mt St Helens 1 1999We have enjoyed being in Bremerton again but it was time to move on again, last night before we went to bed we looked over the road atlas to help us decide where to go next. I was remembering back in 1980 we were working on some of our over the road trucks at work and they had been somewhere out west, they had driven thru some volcanoMt St Helens 1999 dust from Mount Saint Helens eruption, the trucks had this gray volcanic dust all over it and the breather element was packed with it. So I suggested we go and take a look at the volcano, so we headed South 115 miles to Castle Rock the closes town to the volcano. It has been 19 years since that volcano had erupted and the damage was very visible, the trees were growing back but the old burnt trees were lying everywhere. When we reached the visitor’s centers lookout point you could see that the whole side of the mountain was gone. After this we decided to go and see Mount Rainier it was about 81 miles NE of Mount Saint Helens it was all so beautiful to look at. We started heading SE back toward home, we went 86 more miles to Yakima Washington, it was starting to get late so we decided to stay there for the night.

The next morning we decide since we were going thru Idaho we might as well stop and see Charlotte’s Uncle in Buhl it was 479 miles to his house along the way we were passing by Boise which is the Capital of Idaho and Charlotte always likes to see the capitals so we stopped and looked around. After reaching Buhl and finding Uncle Jim’s house it felt good to have a home cooked meal and to set back and relax. The next day Jim and his wife Jeannie showed us around town, we stopped at the canning plant where corn was processed and picked up some fresh corn on the cob for supper, then he took us out where the Snake River was dammed up which makes a good size lake, Jim told us that when it comes planting time they would open up the dam for irrigating the crops then the lake would come way down until after planting season then the lake fills up again. That night we had another great home cooked meal and set around catching up with family.

We got up the next morning and went to the café where Jeannie worked and had a good breakfast, visited a little and then headed out. We drove 234 miles to Salt Lake City Utah where we had a problem with a tire so we decided to stay the night, we found a room then since we had bought our tires at a Sam’s club we located the local Sam’s and had them repair and balance our tires. We got up the next morning and drove around Salt Lake for a little while and then we decided instead of going east to Denver and thin down toward home, that we would go to the Grand Canyon National Park so we headed south. After driving about 305 miles we spent the night in St George Utah before heading to the Grand Canyon. Up and at it bright and early this morning and headed for the Grand Canyon just 269 miles. We got to the Canyon shortly after 12 and we were hungry so we had lunch at the lodge in the park, then we set out to look at the canyon it was beautiful but it looked like a very large Palo Duro Canyon back home. After spending several hours in the park we headed for Flagstaff to spend the night. When we got there and checked into the motel we freshened up and thought we would make it to church, so we looked up the church and off we went. We got there and no one was around so I checked the sign that had the hours of service on it and according to my watch it should be time for it, we set there for a little bit and thin decided they must not be having church for some reason so we went back to the motel. Later we thought we would eat some popcorn and there was no microwave in the room but there was one in the office so I went to the office and asked if I could use the microwave, the desk clerk took it and popped it for me. While I was waiting on him I noticed the clock on the wall and it was off an hour with my watch so when the clerk came back with the popcorn I asked him if the clock was right and he said it was, I had my watch set for day light savings time and he told me that Arizona does not observe savings time so that explained why there was no one at the church, I went back to the room and told Charlotte about that and we had a good laugh.

We left Flagstaff the next morning and were going to drive to Albuquerque NM which was 323 miles down the road and we would spend the night there for that is where we lived when we were first married. I had good intension on staying there but when we got there it was about lunch time so we had lunch in Old Town at the LaPlacita Mexican food restaurant for that is a place we liked to eat at 34 years ago when we first lived there. I was joking but I told Charlotte I could smell home for it was only 285 miles away, so after we finished eating we headed home. This has been one of our best trips, you did noticed that I said (one of) didn’t you.


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