Trip of summr 1999. Part 1

LBH Montana 1999

Little Bighorn National Park Mt

Conrad Manason Kalispell Mt

Conrad Mansion Kalispell Mt

Well the kids were all moved out and it was one of the many trips that Charlotte and I had planned on taking. We had decided to go to Montana for neither one of us had ever been there. We took our car on this trip because It got better millage and we could travel faster, we packed up the 1996 Pontiac Bonneville and away we went NW thru the Texas Panhandle, and then thru New Mexico to I-25 then North thru Raton Pass into Colorado and followed I-25 all the way to Cheyenne Wyoming which was about 534 miles. Then next morning we left out and drove  North toward Billings Montana which was about 455 miles from Cheyenne. We had just gotten into Montana when we spotted a sign for Custer’s last stand at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National park Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument – National Park Service ,so we had to pull in there and look around, I was surprised at how wide open the area was, there was really no place for them to take cover when the battle started. After visiting the battleground we headed on into Billings to spend the night. When we woke up the next morning and after breakfast we drove around Billings then headed for are destination which was another long drive of 451 miles to Kalispell Mt. We made it there around supper time so we found are motel then drove around town. The next morning we got up and went for breakfast, while we were eating breakfast we talked about what we wanted to do for today.

GNPa Montana 1999

Glacier National Park Mt

Calgary Canada 1999

Down Town Calgary Canada

We had heard that Glacier National Park was a must see so we decided to go and look it over. It was only about 33 miles away so it did not take us to long to get there. We could not believe how beautiful it was there. We drove around inside the park looking at all the sights we could see but you would have to stay for weeks to see it all. I said you know we are not very far from Canada do you want to go and cross the border just to say we did, Charlotte thought about it and said yes, so I asked her to look at the map and head me in the right direction, there was no good roads for a car to go across the national park so we had to back track around the south side of the park to reach the highway to the border crossing. The drive was just as beautiful as all of Montana has been it was about 115 miles to the border. We drove across the border and after being asked why we were coming to Canada we drove to a little town called Cardston Canada which was 23.7 Kilometers, for people that or not savvy that would be 14 miles into Canada. It was lunch time when we reached Cardston we found a Burger King so we went in to eat. We order our burgers, fries, and coke they quoted the total price that we need to pay and I had no idea what the ratio from US to Canadian was so I just gave them a 10 dollar bill American and I hoped they gave me the correct change for they were not allowed to give change in American. While we were eating I came up with another bright idea I said lets go up to Calgary and look it over. We drove 227 Km to Calgary and the speed limit was 100kph an hour which was fine except my speedometer was made for mph in the large black scale and the kph was in the smaller scale so I had to watch close to make sure I did not speed the 100kph = about 63 mph I told Charlotte I finely get to drive a 100.

We loved Calgary we found a Supper Eight motel that was very nice it was four stories tall and the rooms were comfortable so we decided to stay a couple of nights. I was glad that it was summertime because I noticed that every parking spot had an electrical outlet so you could plug in an engine heater to keep the engine warm so the engine would start the next day. We were driving around the next day seeing the down town area Down Town Canada 1999and everything was going well until I pulled up to and intersection next to the railroad tracks. I was going the same direction the train was coming so I did not think anything about it and I saw that the crossing arms for the traffic crossing arm for that track was coming down, the car behind me kept honking his horn and I was wondering why until a crossing arm came down on the hood of my car evidently they have a four way crossing arm systom, I put it reverse and backed up the arm scraped my hood but not bad, I told Charlotte that they were probably saying those dumb American Texans this was due to having Texas tags on my car. This was a Wednesday and we wanted to go to church for we were used to going on Wednesday nights so we found a Baptist Church that had Wednesday night services. Thursday we drove out to the Canada Southern Baptist Seminary & College, we went to the schools book store to get some souvenirs, the lady that worked there asked if she could help us and when Charlotte spoke the lady just looked at her and asked where she was from, Charlotte told her Texas and the women said that she could listen to Charlotte talk all day because of her Texas accent. We also drove around to see where all the Olympics were held while it was there.


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