Trip of summer 1999 Part 2

Banff 1999We really enjoyed are stay in Calgary but it was time to move on, and we had discussed where we should go next. We were heading West across Canada which meant we were going thru Banff Canada National Park it was all just beautiful. You could drive for miles in the park at no cost but if you exited anywhere it would cost you but I do not remember now how much it would be. We stayed on Canada highway 1 for 621 Km or 385 miles to Kamloops Canada where we spent the night. Canada Banff1999The next morning we continued across Canada for another 286 km or 177 miles to the border of Canada and the US this was in a little town called Abbotsford Canada and Sumas on the US side, All they asked was if we had anything to calm such as stuff we bought and how much it was, an did we have any fire arms, this was before 9/11/2001 so it was so much easier back thin to cross the border. After leaving the border we headed toward Seattle as we were driving we were talking about what we wanted to do, back when I was in the Navy, Charlotte and I lived in Bremerton while the ship was in dry dock so we decided we would head that away so we drove 107 miles to Edmonds Washington where we had to catch a ferry across the sound to get to Bremerton. It was just 7.8 miles from Edmonds to Kingston but it took at least two and half to three hours by the time we waited on the ferry and thin an hour and a half ride this was a lot better than driving all the way to Seattle and thin taking a ferry over. The ferry ride was well worth it for you could see Mt Rainier and Mt Baker from the ferry plus all the trees and water. Ok for those of you who have never been to my part of Texas, It is flat no mountains and the only time you see a trFlattop in Bremertonee is if it is at someone’s house, well maybe it’s not that bad but it does make you see why we love Washington so. We drove the last 27 miles to Bremerton and spent the night.

We spent the next day driving around Bremerton, we tried hard but we could not find what we called our rose-covered cottage when we lived their 29 some odd years ago, thDecommishioned Ships Bremertonings had changed quite a bit in fact I almost drove in to the navy base by accident, the gate did not used to be in this area. I stopped at the gate and the guard asked what we were doing and I explained, he of course said I could not come on base without permission, so we turned around and headed for more sightseeing. There is one part of the base that can be seen from the highway so we did drive around that part, we could see decommissioned aircraft carriers, destroyers and numerous other ships. Bremerton had really changed and we were not as pleased as we were back in the late 1960’s when we were there, don’t get me wrong the town had special meaning for us, after all this is where we found out that we were going to have a baby, and Charlotte had played in their symphony, in fact we remember that we wanted to go and see a movie at the drive in theater, we were trying to find it but you could not see anythiOlympic National Park 1999ng for the trees and suddenly we saw a sign saying that the drive in was down this road so we turned on it  but there were trees covering each side of the road and thin suddenly there was this wide open space with a movie screen at one end, and when it got dark I mean it was dark the trees blocked any city lights from getting in, well so much for remembering back to the 60’s.Olympic National Park II 1999

We got up early and decided to drive up to the Olympic National Park, we drove up to the visitors center and the scenery was beautiful on the way back down we had thought about going to Port Angeles and find a church seeing as how it was Sunday, on the way back down we came up on a lookout point the view was, well let me put it this way after seeing it how could anyone say there is not a God, what I am saying is this was not just a big bang into existence it was God made. We pulled over and prayed then broke out our Bibles and read a few verse, we just soaked it in and we could actually feel God’s presences with us. After our little services we headed back down the mountain and after driving around Port Angeles we started back toward Bremerton, we stopped at a great little town named Poulsbo and immediately fell in love with it in fact our first thought was if we ever moved up here this is where we would like to live. The pictures we took in 1999 did not do it Justus and we were there in 2009 so I added three pictures of this beautiful little town.


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