Camping Fever

After using my mom and dad’s travel trailer to go camping with kids we found we could handle the little ones and have a great time. I worked at the International truck shop working on all types of engines and so I thought to myself why don’t I find an older international pickup to use to pull a trailer with. My reasoning was I could get parts to work on it as an employee discount, I found an old 1968 International ¾ ton pickup at a car lot and I bought it. Well I had barely got it off the lot and It died and I could not get it started again the bad thing was they sold me the truck as is, after some trouble shooting I found that I was not getting any spark to the spark plugs so I went to the garage picked up some points and a condenser a few tools out of my tool box and headed back down to where my new used pickup was at, it did not take me to long and I had the old binder (What people called International trucks and equipment) running and headed to the house. We were looking in the paper at RV’s and we found a cab over camper that was nice and at a pretty good price. The camper had four jacks mounted on each corner that made it easier to load and unload the camper from the truck and the back of the camper covered the break and tail lights on the pickup so I had to plug-in the camper so the lights on the camper itself would work.

We were anxious to give our new camper a try so we went camping for the weekend down to Palo Duro Canyon State Park which is about 36 miles south of Amarillo Texas. The kids were getting a little bigger and there was not enough room for them in the cab of the truck so they would ride in the cab over part of the camper which was a bed, they loved that because they could look out the window and see where we were going. We had a shield made of tubing that would fit under the mattress and stand up at the edge to keep the kids from rolling off the bed, Charlotte would ride back there also which meant I was all by myself in the cab of the truck so I had bought an intercom system that worked off of batteries so we could talk to each other. The camper was a self-contained except it did not have a toilet so we purchased a porta-potty to use in case of an emergency. At one of our weekend excursion down at the canyon we went to see the play Texas in the Amphitheater in the canyon we were walking around before the show and the kids were playing running around and having a good time when suddenly we heard a loud scream and crying it was one of ours little Jeff had fallen down on a cactus and the thorns stuck in is bottom, instead of walking all the way back to the camper mommy took him behind some mesquite trees and pulled is little britches down and started pulling the thorns out I know it hurt but he did survive. The canyons are so beautiful if you are ever in the Amarillo area I suggest you go and look it over.

Link to the play Texas


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