First camping Vacation as a Family

Bonham State Park

Bonham State Park (Photo credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife)

Charlotte and I decided to be brave and go camping with are three kids CeAnne was 5 and the boys were about 18 months old. I asked my dad if we could borrow his pickup and travel trailer and he said sure. I went over and picked it up, I noticed as I was driving it over to our house that it was hard to see through the windows, I thought to myself I did not know dad had his windows tented. The cab of the truck smelled like cigarette smoke I knew it would because dad smoked in fact he was a chain smoker. I was cleaning up the truck getting it ready for are trip, when I sprayed window cleaner on the windshield there appeared this orange looking goop running down the window. It was cigarette tar that had built up over the years, it took almost the whole bottle of window cleaner to clean all the windows, and it was amazing how well you could see through them now. I thought to myself I am sure glade that I had quit smoking and I could not imagine what dads lungs looked like. The trailer was maybe a 14 foot it was not very big I tank it had a bed a table and a couch that made a bed, it seems like it had a stove and maybe an icebox that you had to put ice in it to keep stuff could, it did not have a potty so we camped where they had bathrooms.

We left out heading toward east Texas, and poor Charlotte had to hold both boys in her lap and sis set in the middle. We decided to stay in a state park because they were well taken care of and the camp sites had a clean toilet located near the campsite. We found a beautiful state park called Bonham State Park near Bonham Texas. It had a nice lake with a slight slope down to the lake and a nice playground for the kids to play in so it was so relaxing for Charlotte and I we could just seat back and relax and enjoy the outdoors while watching the kids. We did go a few other places that year but little did we know this opened us up to a lot more camping over the years.

Kids with dads trailer

Sis and her twin brothers at Bonham State Park Nov 19th 1975

Dad and Trailer

Dad with his triler


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