In Memory of My Middle Sister


Judy Kay

My Middle sis Judy was 3 years older than me. I don’t know if it was because she was closer to my age that we got along so well. Some of my first memories were when the Beatles and Elvis Presley would be on the television Judy and some of her friends would be in front of the TV screaming their heads off especially every time Elvis would shake his hips. I am not sure how old she was but I heard stories about one time when we were in Cordell visiting our grandma that they were washing clothes, which consisted of a wash tub filled with hot water evidently it was down in the floor and Judy was playing or something any way she fell in to the tub backwards, I don’t remember seeing or hearing about any bad burns.

James and Judy

Judy and her first husband James

Judy was getting older and started dating James, he seemed pretty cool he would let me do a few things with him and Judy like going and getting a coke at the drive in or maybe I would get to go to the drive in picture show with them although I did not understand why they would want me to go and play on the playground equipment or have me go and get them something to drink all the time, It wasn’t until I started dating that I discovered why they wanted to be alone.  They decided to get married and had set their wedding date for October 31st and when it came time for the ceremony I did not go I thought it would be more fun if I stayed home and scare the trick-or-treaters that would come to the door, well I don’t know what I was thinking there was no one home but me and spent my time handing out candy instead of scaring anyone.

I thought James could do anything and I was glad he married my sister for I now had someone who could work on my car now that I was driving; I had a 1951 Ford with a six cylinder under the hood and I was having problems with the engine it seemed like it kept dying or something any way James was looking at it and was trying to find out what the problem was, I am not sure what happened but he hurt is hand this is when I found out he had a temper for he took the wrench and beat the crap out of the breather on top of the carburetor. I remember James family had a boat and every once and awhile they would take me to lake McClellan with them. I tried skiing but was never any good at it but it seemed like Judy could ski ok.

Connie and me

Connie and Me in 1985

Judy had three children two boys and a girl, even though I got see Judy and the kids more again I did not get to know them as well as I should have even now it seems I don’t know their spouses and kids that well here again this is my fault because I have not made the effort like I should. Mom and dad had already moved to Amarillo and that is where I met and married Charlotte. I remember when our kids were little we would go to Borger and visit James and Judy. James had found some little motor bikes and fixed them up for his kids to ride and I remember he would take my kids for just a little ride on them. We hadn’t found too many people willing to watch the twins and our daughter, but when Charlotte’s grandpa passed away Judy stepped right up and said bring them by here on your way to Miami Texas and I will watch them for you which meant so much to Charlotte and me.

I do not know when or why Judy and James got a divorce I do know that it was hard on Judy her kids gathered around her and helped her a lot and for that I am very grateful. She did remarry to a man named Connie who loved her dearly, Judy had developed cancer and was getting  pretty bad the family had called in a home hospices care for her, I was recouping from lower back sugary and was not supposed to get out of the house but I called my doctor and explained what was going on he said I could go to Borger but that I needed to stay in a reclined position so Charlotte drove and I reclined in the front passenger seat. When we got to Borger Judy was over at her son and daughter-in-law’s house I feel and I know Judy did Terry was not an in-law she was a daughter, any way Terry had fixed a place next to Judy where I could recline next to her and visit with her, I will always thank of Terry as an Angel for doing that for me. Judy died in 2005 and I truly miss her also, that means I am the only living son and sibling of this family and it does feel good to hear from both of my sisters kids and grandkids.


Our mother Alice (Dawson) Harbin


2 thoughts on “In Memory of My Middle Sister

  1. I think it’s great you are writing this family history down… It will never end! I am sorry you lost your siblings but it is wonderful you are being supported by their children…and grandchildren!


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