A Boat in the Living Room?


boat (Photo credit: pupski)

Have you ever had a small boat setting in your living room or some people call it the front room? I do not remember mom getting mad but dad and his brother-in-law Lonnie came up with a small three person wooden boat, it need some work to help seal the cracks so that it would not take on water. We did not have a garage and it was too windy outside so Uncle Lonnie and dad come bringing it into the living room, set up some saw horses and put the boat upside down on them. They covered up the furniture and started sanding on the hull of the boat, it seemed like this took them a couple of weeks working on the boat after they got off work. If mom or Aunt Lois ever got mad at them I never saw it plus I don’t remember me or John doing any work on it. But I do remember how bad the house smelled with fiberglass fumes when they started spreading fiberglass all over the hull of the boat. They had to leave the windows open for several days to let fresh air in until it all dried, thank goodness my bed room was an ad on and it did not have an entrance to the house so I did not have fumes coming into my room.

I know we had a trailer for the boat and we would go fishing at some ponds and lakes in Oklahoma. You talk about being against the law for someone to ride in a travel trailer while it is being towed down the road; I remember riding in the boat with a tarp tied down over it to keep stuff from blowing out, it was about 150 mile trip. This was in the 1950’s and I do not know if they had such laws back thin.


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