What every person should know.

After going to my church this morning my pastor did a sermon about HELL. I guarantee you do not want to go there. Brother Charley asked have you ever been in complete darkness and my thought immediately went to when I was in the Navy and I had to go down six decks to check on what is called the bilges which means the very bottom of the ship it is the steel plate that actually touches the ocean. Any way while I was there I reached up to sturdy myself and accidentally turned off the light no matter how long you stand there you cannot see anything, I could not imagine living for ever not seeing light. But actually this is not talking about light like a light bulb but light in your heart that’s having the light of Jesus in your heart were you have love for every one, you know love others as you would love yourself.

Jesus is the light so I am so thankful I belong to him. Could you imagine what it was like when God had to turn his back on his son that was hanging on the cross, how dark that must have been, even though Jesus never sinned but he became sin when he took on my sins and your sins his farther just could not look at Him. That’s how we would fill if we didn’t have Jesus in our lives, it would be a shame if the only thing keeping you from God is not accepting Jesus as your savior. You know that is the only Sin that will keep you from Him, That’s right no matter what you have done that you might think would keep you from God it won’t. He loves you no matter what, and He wants you to come to Him, so right now just put everything out of your mind and concentrate on Him and ask Him to forgive you for all that you have done and let Jesus come in to your heart. If you are not sure what or how to do this you can talk to someone who you know that knows Jesus personally.

All I ask is please keep thinking about this and I apologize if I have offended anyone but all I can say is what Jesus has done for me. He saved me once from a bad car wreck, He has walked with me throughout my life and best of all from all the sins that I have committed and He has forgotten them.


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