When the grandkids turn 12 second one

Colten is twelve now and is wondering when we are going to take him for his trip. We were not able to arrange taking Colten until August, and we set up to meet Jeremy and Aubrey in Dallas Texas. After meeting the kids and staying the night we got up the next morning loaded Colten’s stuff in the Honda said good-bye to his mom, dad, and Caleb and we headed North East to Arkansas, Charlotte had picked a state park called Prairie Grove Battle Field State Park near the town of Prairie Grove, The did reenactments there and we knew that Colten would enjoy that. We got there and went inside the visitor’s center to check on times for the reenactments, well we missed it by one week they told us that the last reenactment was the last one of the season and would not start-up again until the next year. We drove thru the park and just tried to imagine what it was like to see all of the troops there fighting, but actually it wasn’t too bad for there were a few buildings we could look in.Picture 318 Next we headed for Pea Ridge National Military Park which Colten really liked in fact he found a little cannon that he just had to have. We drove thru the park getting out at most of the pull overs where you can get out and look at the battle field in different directions, but it was very hot out so we would not stay out to long, praise the Lord for air-conditioned cars.Picture 325

The next morning we headed South East toward Vicksburg Mississippi, that’s right to the National Battle field after all it would not be fair that Colten’s dad and brother got to see it and he didn’t. Well I guess we should have come here first due to the fact that the people who do the reenactments were through for the season in fact last Sunday was the last day for it. Colten was disappointed that he did not get to see or even hear the cannon fire. We were in the information center looking around and there was a ranger inside, Colten was talking with him and was telling him about how his brother was here and that he was able to see and hear the cannon fire. The ranger told him that he could not set it up to fire the cannon but that he could take him out to one of the cannon’s just outside and show him how they would get it ready to fire it off. We went out to the cannon with Colten and the ranger started telling them what to do in fact he gave Colten the ramming pole and let him pretend he was shoving the gunpowder and then the cannon ball down the barrel of the cannon. Picture 335He thanked the ranger and that made up for not getting to see the reenactment, then we drove him through the park and down to USS Cairo, he enjoyed that also we got to Picture 345walk on board and look around at the Cannons and the paddle wheels that was used to make the boat travel down the river. We decided it was lunch time so we found this Rowdy’s Family restraint and it had outstanding fried catfish.

We headed South on US 61 toward Natchez Mississippi on the way down we stopped at some old ruins called Windsor Plantation it had burned down years ago and all that was left were the pillars that held the plantation together, after that we drove on down toward Natchez and we had heard about this old warehouse that was made in to a restaurant and it was right next to the highway so we stopped there for lunch. It was called The Old Country Store located in Lorman Mississippi, when you walk in you can tell it used to be an old warehouse but it had tables and chairs all around you pick where you want to set and the waitress would come by and ask what you would like to drink and showed you where the buffet was man that was some mighty fine eating. The owner would come around singing and he would try to get you to sing with him, he tried with Colten but he would not do it. We got back on the road heading South I saw an on ramp for the famous Natchez Trace Trail so I took it and that is one of the most beautiful roads you would ever want to drive on, the only bad thing is the speed limit on that road is 50 MPH and it is well worth the slower speeds. When we got to Natchez we drove across the bridge and stayed at the same Comfort Inn and Suites, when we were here with Caleb we could not keep him from working out in their fitness room, well we can’t keep Colten out of the pool that boy is like his Mama they both love the water.

After looking around Natchez we headed West and drove to Natchitoches Louisiana as we were driving I guess I was getting a little sleepy for the car wandered to the right and when the wheels hit the grooves in the pavement it made a noise Colten said Poppy are you trying to kill me well from thin on thru the rest of the trip he would say every little bit Poppy you awake. I told him not to tell his folks and he said he would not. We went to Bayou Pierre Alligator Park and Colten was able to see the alligators up close and at a certain time one of the workers would get in a boat go out into the lagoon and feed the alligators.Picture 371 We spent the rest of the day driving around and looking over Natchitoches it is a beautiful town with a river running through the middle of it and they say at Christmas time down town is all lit up with Christmas lights. The next day we headed South West toward Houston to take the Colten home and the first words out of his mouth when we saw his parents was Poppy tried to kill me.


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