When the grandkids turn 12 First one

Charlotte and I told our grandkids that when they turn 12 years of age that we would take them on a one week vacation with us. Our oldest grandson turned 17 last November so it has been 5 years ago when we took him on his trip with us. He was up here in Amarillo during the summer of 2007 visiting with his other set of grandparents and us when it was time for us to take him back home. We have always love going to Vicksburg Mississippi and visiting the National battle ground there. Since we had been there several times with Caleb dad when he was a kid we had talked it over with Caleb and he said he would like to go there also for he heard his dad talk about it. We left out heading down US 287 toward Fort Worth Texas, connected with I-20 heading East toward Vicksburg. We drove until we got to Shreveport Louisiana where we spent the night, I told Caleb the story again about how this is where his dad turned the table over after we had eaten at Ponchos Mexican Buffet and he said he would like to eat there also so we went and sure enough they were still iDCP01762n business. We went thru the buffet line and I spotted about where we were setting when we ate there with his dad. As we were eating I noticed that the tables were now fastened to the wall so I guess Jeremy’s incident wasn’t the only time the tables were turned over.

When we got up the next morning we headed East across Louisiana and crossed the bridge into Mississippi. Stopped at the tourist information center and let Caleb look around at the river’s edge while Charlotte went in to check on the motels in the area. We drove around looking the town over showing Caleb the different sites that his dad had seen when he was a little younger than Caleb was then. We went by the park and got a picture by he old Cannons, It was starting to get late so we found our Motel unloaded and headed out for a bite to eat, Charlotte had been looking thru the tourist info stuff that she picked up and noticedDCP01773 that there was an old house dating back to the civil war days and it had been turned into a restraint serving fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy, corn on the cob, and green beans. That does it I am hungry again, needless to say it was great food and the home had a good view of town for it was setting up on a hill.

The next morning we went to the park and the volunteers were getting ready to do a reenactment of firing the cannon. The boys who were doing the reenactments took him and explained what the different jobs wereDCP01790 on firing the cannon, demonstrated loading a black powder rifle, and showed how they had to live back during the war. After he finished seeing all the reenactments we drove thru the park where some of the actual fighting took place, there were monuments set up showing where different men would be at and if they were from the Union or the Confederate Armey’s. At the end of the park is where the USS Cairo is being restored this was a Union Ironclad Gun boat which was sank by a mine that DCP01796was anchored below the water and then set off by a Confederate soldiers from the bank of the river.

After leaving the National Park we headed south to Natchez Mississippi which is also located on the Mississippi river and we stopped at the tourist Information center. Caleb and I were looking at the river while Charlotte was inside and we could see a motel across the river it was right on the banks of the river, so when Charlotte came out of the information center we showed her the motel and I said let’s go check it out. So we drove across the bridge to Vidalia Louisiana to the motel, it is a Comfort Inn and Suites and it very nice we went in and got us a room that overlooks the river I think it was like 10 dollars more to get that room. You could watch the barges going up and down the river right from your room or we would walk down the walk way by the river it was beautiful. Later we drove back over to Natchez to eat and do some sightseeing it is definitely a beautiful town with a lot of history also. After we got back to our room and was settling down for the night Caleb ask me if we were going back over that bridge again, I said no why do you ask and he told me that it made him nervous and again I asked him why. He remembers that it had not been to long since a bridge collapsed I think it was on I-40 and a lot of cars had fallen into the water, I said I wished he had said something earlier but that I was glad he handled his fear because he would always be crossing bridges in his life time.

We went south again and drove to Avery Island where tabasco sauce and Louisiana hot sauce is made. We toured the plant and it was very interesting seeing what all it takes to make this wonderful sauce. We thin headed west toward Houston Texas and home I DCP01891think he was glade to be home and not hanging around with the old folks any more.


5 thoughts on “When the grandkids turn 12 First one

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  4. How gorgeous :). I can only ask: will there be such a day for me, grandkids?, from my one and only child…

    You sound really active & involved, and that to me is heart warming.


    • I hope and pray that you can have that time with your grand kids. I still have a 6, and 4 year old coming up and by the time they turn 12 the wife and I will be in are 70’s. I told my son that he and his wife may have to come with us because I do not know if we can stay up with them.


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