A spring break Vacation to remember

Kennedy space center

Kennedy Space Center

I do not remember the reason why but for years we would take are vacations during spring break. This particular year we decided that we would drive to Florida and take the kids to Disney World. We drove from Amarillo to Florida taking the weekend to get there, I love to drive and the car we had got fairly good gas mileage so it was cheaper to drive and stay in motels plus we could see more of our great country. We had made reservations at a motel just a few miles away so it did not take us to long to get to the amusement park. The kids had a blast with all the rides, I remember we spent all that one day there and I know we did not see everything there was to do and Epcot Center had not even opened yet, I think you could stayed a week and not see everything. By the end of that day mom and me was what they call plumb wore out. We got to the motel and pretty much crashed, the next morning we turned in our room and headed out we had decided to drive to Kennedy Space Center. It was amazing and the kids loved it, we took a bus tour of the space center and the space shuttle was setting on the launch pad so we did not get to tour that part but did get to see it from a distance.

After seeing the space center we headed for Sea World in Orlando, that part of the drive wasn’t very long but we figured we better get a room and we would go to Sea World the next morning, well guess what it was spring break and there was not a room to be found being from the Texas panhandle we did not have this problem up there. We started heading north checking every town we came too and all the rooms were taken. It was getting dark and foggy as we drove and that made us nervous, Finley 260 miles latter we found a room in Tallahassee. It was late I do not remember what time it was but we were exhausted from all the tense driving and not knowing where we were going to stay. We got the kids up stares seems like the rooms are always up stares, brought what luggage’s we needed and went to sleep. After a good sleep the kids woke us up and wanted to eat breakfast, after every one freshened up we decided to pack up and start heading toward home, I opened the door to the motel room and there were the keys to the room still in the lock right where I had left them when we got to the room praise the Lord no one had wanted to do us harm.

Back home we used to have an all you can eat restaurant named Panchos and we loved eating there, well it went out of business. As we were driving thru Shreveport the kids spotted a Panchos sign so we turned in for lunch. It was just as good as we remembered, after finishing each one of us went to the restroom “well you know to rest” any way Jeremy was the last one to leave the table and as he was leaving he leaned on the table to get up and the table tipped over spilling everything on the floor, we heard the noise and thin saw it was Jeremy we all rushed out pretending that we did not know him, of course having a brother that looked just like him didn’t help with the pretending. This has been almost 40 years ago now and we still talk about this vacation some times.


One thought on “A spring break Vacation to remember

  1. Don’t forget that we got to go see the Atlanta Braves on our way out to Florida. Dale Murphy was playing Center Field, but Brad Komminsk did not play that day.


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