It was not a Heart Attack

It was late one night and the wife and I was watching a little TV and doing our favorite thing which is eating. All of our kids was on a ski trip with or church youth group and we have been taking it easy, we both had a bad habit of staying up late and snacking while watching the TV, I had gone to the Taco Bell just a few blocks from the house and picked up some Tacos, Bean Burritos with green sauce and when I got back Charlotte had fix a picture of sweet ice tea and I do mean sweet for we would add a cup of sugar to a picture of tea. We had finished off the Mexican food and I started snacking on some M&M’s, I noticed that I was getting a headache my chest was getting this tight feeling and my left arm was hurting. I set there for a while hoping it would go away but it did not so I told Charlotte that I might need to go the hospital.

We went to ST Anthony hospital and I was admitted, they had run all kinds of test on me and said my heart was ok but they wanted me to stay in the hospital so they could run more test. The next day was Sunday and the kids came in from the ski trip, no one had told them about me being in the hospital for they were to wait until their mom got there and she would tell them. Yep you guessed it one of the other kids had heard about it and told my kids; of course the boys were younger that their sister and they went crazy upset thinking their dad was dying in the hospital. When mom got there she told them that I was ok but that I will have to stay and run more test to see if they can find out what is wrong with me. After doing an upper GI they found that I had a tear in my esophagus and that it was a Hiatal Hernia, (I am no doctor so I hope I got that right) any way they told me that this condition can mimic what a heart attack feels like. I was put on some medication and was told no more eating late at night and also eating chocolates late could have been the culprit that started this whole mess.

Now that the kids or all grown and gone we stay up late but I do not eat late like I use to, in fact all those years working I had to go to bed early so I could get up at 5:00 am to get to work and now that I have retired it seems like the wife and I can’t hardly stay up past 10:00 pm. You know if the truth be known this is probably why I now have Type II Diabetes because of all the sugar I have eaten plus being over wait. I am now 67 years young and so far the good Lord has taken care of me. My dad passed away at 67 with a Heart attack so it does weigh on my mind but I also feel I have lived a blessed live and if He takes me home tomorrow I would be happy to see Him and my family who went before me and sad that I would be leaving the rest of my family behind.


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