Fast Forward Papa Fast Forward

English: This is a 1957 Zenith TV with "S...

English: This is a 1957 Zenith TV with “Space Command 200” remote control, the first model by Zenith with the new wireless remote control. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Multiple TV antenna setup

Multiple TV antenna setup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you believe that televisions did not always have remote controls? My 3-year-old grandson will be over playing and just having a good old-time, I will put some of his favorite shows on the TV and no matter what he is doing he will stop in his tracks and watch it. The very second that a commercial comes on he will turn to me and say fast forward papa fast forward. It does not matter if the show is live and I can’t fast forward he will pretty much keep asking until his show comes back on.

My son and I was talking about this just the other day, he said you know dad when I was little I remember all of us kids would be outside playing and you would whistle and one of us would come in to see what you needed and you would ask us to please change the channel. That was my remote control back thin plus we only had local channels coming from a TV antenna up on the roof. I had a lot of fun doing that but what they did not realize is that I was training them that no matter where they were at and they heard me whistle they had better come running. This was also long before cell phones and they were to check in every little bit so mom would know that they were ok so when they heard me they would call from a friend’s house or come running.

I remember when I was a kid back in the early 1950’s and the TVs first came out there were only two channels and there was no color back thin so how hard was it to find a channel to watch but dad would call me into the house to change the one channel. To come back to what I was originally talking about is how the roles have changed from the parents calling the kid to change the channel or turn up the volume to the kids asking the adult to fast forward.


4 thoughts on “Fast Forward Papa Fast Forward

  1. I had 3 channels growing up on Long Island and there was always something on – NOW – we have hundreds of channels and nothing worthwhile except once in a blue moon.


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