Nice But Crowded Vacation.

Fruita entrance of the Colorado National Monument

Fruita entrance of the Colorado National Monument (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had mentioned on the segment about my daughter that we had bought her a new Geo Storm when she graduated college. Well we traded in the old suburban for it, so long old car we had a lot of good times and a few rough times. We still had our travel trailer but nothing to pull it with now so out car shopping we went. All of our kids were out of the house now and we did not need a vehicle to haul the kids any more, just the trailer, the wife and me so I bought a new 1996 Chevy Silverado pickup it was a regular cab with a bench seat and a 5 speed standard transmission with the gear shift in the floor.

Charlotte’s mom had wanted to go see her brother that lived up in Buhl Idaho so we decided we would take her. We also had some things we wanted to hall with us but did not want to put it in the trailer, so I bought an old topper to fit on the back of the truck. We loaded up the trailer, went over to Vi’s house loaded up what she wanted to take and headed out for Buhl. When we got the truck we did not think of any one going with us, poor Charlotte had to straddle the gear shift setting in the middle part of the seat, Vi was a small woman and probably should set in the middle but when I had to shift the truck in reverse my hand and the gear shift well let’s just say they would get a little close to you know where “between the legs” in fact I got to where I would let Charlotte shift it in reverse. We drove thru the rest of Texas panhandle, up thru New Mexico, thru Raton pass in to Colorado and on up to Grand Junction Colorado and stayed in the Colorado national monument park. This drive was about 570 miles we were dead tired when we got camp set up for the night. Poor Vi she was so tired, she did not want to use the bathroom in the trailer and we weren’t too far from the parks bathroom so she just walked up to it. Later as we were eating supper she was telling me about this strange porcelain thing hanging on the wall in the bathroom, she said it wasn’t to far from the toilet stalls and she just did not know what it would be for it was in the women’s bathroom. I asked her which side of the building did she go into, was it on the left side of the building as you were facing it, She said no it was on the right side and wanted to know why I asked, I got this big grin on my face and told her she had gone into the men’s bathroom, She was so embarrassed and said thank goodness no one else had come in.

We got up the next morning and just drove thru the park to look it over and then went back to the trailer hooked up and headed out. We decided that we would not cover so much ground in one day like we had done the day before. We took are time and enjoyed seeing the country side as we went. Charlotte had brought a book to read and she decided to read it aloud so that Vi and I could enjoy it also. The name of the book was Bridges of Madison County. It was a good book and we were getting into when Vi and I noticed she quit reading, I asked her what was wrong and she looked at me and said that they were about to have sex. Teasing I said well go ahead and read it. But I also knew it would embarrass her and her mom so I told her to skip that part and so she did.

We spent a couple more days getting to Buhl enjoying the scenery we stayed one night at a beautiful state park East of Salt Lake City. I was not sure what was going on with Vi though we noticed that she was getting short of breath after having very little activity, we just blamed it on the altitude. The reunion has started for they haven’t seen each other in a while. The next day Jim and Jeannie took us around the big city of Buhl then we went out to the Snake River, this area of Idaho is potato country and it is beautiful there also. While we were driving around out by the river I noticed that there were a lot of Russian Olive trees and I told Jim that we planted one in our front yard back home, he just cracked up laughing and told me that here in Idaho they treat them like weeds. After that everywhere we went with them he would tell people, do you know what these crazy Texans do, They plant weeds in their front yard you know those Russian Olives out by the river.English: Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia)


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