An anniversary to remember

Taos Plaza

Taos Plaza Taos New Mexico

An anniversary to remember, this isn’t what you think about when you see this title. It started out so wonderful it was are 27th wedding anniversary and we planned a trip to the mountains in New Mexico. My cousins anniversary was two days before ours and we always celebrated together we packed up for the trip in our trusty suburban, the girls in the back seat and John and I up front. We had a great time visiting on the 6 hour drive to Taos New Mexico; we stopped and had lunch drove around sightseeing it is so beautiful up there.

It was starting to rain and we decided we should get us a room, you guessed it there was no rooms so we thought well we would eat supper, yep that what we called it way back in the old days now days it is called dinner. We talked it over and decided well lets go to Santa Fe that town is a lot bigger and we can get a room there. It was raining a lot harder now plus it was getting dark so we headed south on the 69 mile mountain road toward Santa Fe. We had gone maybe 15 miles when the windshield wipers just stopped working, and I was having trouble seeing, we saw a road side park and I pulled in to see if I could get the wipers working. We set there for a while wishing the rain would stop also I did not have any tools with me to help find out what the problem was with the wipers. Everyone was getting uneasy setting their plus starting to feel the need for a bathroom break, the rain let up some so we decided to go on to Santa Fe. I had to drive with my window down most of the time with my head sticking out to see the road.

We got into Santa Fe about 10pm and we stopped at a little station for a potty break. I asked the attendant if he would recommend a motel to stay at, he said that he did not know if there would be any for there was a big art show in town. We said good grief what else could go wrong, sure enough we called around to most of the motels and they were all full. We went to a fast food place and got us a snack and something to drink talked it over what we should do. The women were tired and nervous about doing any more driving without wipers. The suburban is big and comfortable so I decided we would go back to the station we were at earlier and just park by the rest rooms and we will just sleep in the car.


Santa Fe New Mexico

I am thinking it was about three in the morning when I noticed a car had pulled up behind me with it lights on us. It was a Santa Fe police woman; she came up to my window and asked what we were doing. I told her our situation and that I would try to get parts to fix my wipers when things open in the morning. She told me that it was Sunday and that there would not be any place open till Monday but that she might be able to get a salvage yard to open for us. I told her that if it quits raining we would just head for home as soon as the sun comes up.

Well the sun was just coming up and it had quit raining so we went and got some breakfast and headed back toward Amarillo. You guessed it started raining again and it was 52 miles to Interstate 40 and thin about 230 miles home. There is a truck stop at Clines Corners which is

Subarn with Rope Wipers

The rope was the only way at the time to work the wipers. Picture was taken Aug/23/1987

on I-40 so when we got there I pulled in, I looked around in the glove box of the suburban and found a flat head screwdriver, pliers, and a small crescent wrench. I popped the hood disconnected the wiper motor and removed it. Found a piece of rope tied one end to the left wiper blade came around to the driver’s door opened the wing window went across to the passenger door through the wing window and then to the right wiper blade. It rained all the way home and poor John was my wipers he would make the rope go back and forth which in turn made the wiper blades go back and forth on the windshield, he had to do this all the way home for it rained the whole time, when we passed a truck I would tell him go faster. We made home and we have had a lot of laughs about this over the years and it has been memorable. (Also I fond that if you put RainX on your windshields the rain will bead up and run off allowing you to see without windshield wipers.


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