Some of our Youngest Son’s accomplishments (He is two minutes younger than his brother)

Jeff had been sowing a few wild oats for a little while after his Texas Tech time trying to decide what he would like to do but once he decided he got after it. He went to Amarillo College to become a Paramedic and he did, he graduated (Yea The last one to Graduate) he not only took and passed the state licenses he took and passed the national licenses. EMS here in Amarillo would not hire him because they used the excuses he did not have any experience. He checked around and found a service in Baton Rouge Louisiana called Acadian Ambulance Service he got the job and Yep you guessed it we helped him move to Baton Rouge. Jeff started his new job and loved it he loved being able to help people, the only problem was understanding what the patient said, until he got use to their accent he had to ask the other paramedic what they were telling him. Jeff came from a drier climate and moved to a humid climate where it was warm year round, he told us the nurses at the hospitals liked to tease him, like when he would come in wringing wet with sweat they would ask him if it was raining outside.

After being in Baton Rouge a couple of years he got on with EMS and moved back to Amarillo. He started dating his best friend’s sister Amy it got fairly serious and they decided to get married, and guess what we got to go to Jamaica to the wedding this was great.  Jeff loved the married life and also he could be with his family here in Amarillo plus help people here in his home town. EMS started having some financial problems and so they were going to demote some of the paramedics down to EMT, Jeff’s seniority was just enough to keep him from being demoted. He decided he would get out of being a paramedic and become a firefighter so he went back to school. There were enough people going to firefighting school that you had to make a certain grade to even apply for the fire department. They would only take a certain few each year and if you did not make it you would haft to wait a year before you can apply again. He finely made it and now has made it up to driver and loves it. I also have two more grandsons Riley 5 and Noah 3. Jeff also is a photographer (Life of Riley Photography)



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