Some of our daughter’s accomplishments

Wayland Baptist University

Wayland Baptist University

English: Administration building at Texas Tech...

English: Administration building at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CeAnne was doing great she had Graduated from Wayland Baptist University and she moved to Lubbock to work at Texas Tech Medical in their public relation department. While she was there she decided to register and work on her master’s degree, so she went and talked with counselor about which class to take first so she registered and started her class. After her first week she was talking to her mom and explained that she felt so stupid she did not understand anything they were teaching about. She tried but just could not seem to handle it so she talked with the professor and come to find out she had been signed up for the second year of this class not the first that she needed to take first. This discouraged her that she decided to wait awhile before starting back.

I was looking at the job bid sheet at work to see if there was a better job for myself when I saw a bid in the PR office, I was reading all the requirements for this job and I thought to myself this would be right up CeAnne alley so I called over to the hiring point of contact at the plant and explained about my daughter, her degree, and that she is doing this same job at Texas Tech Medical in Lubbock. He asked would she be interested in moving back to Amarillo and I told him I would need to talk to her and see but I was thinking she wanted to be closer to us. I called sis that evening and explained about the job opening and ask if she would be interested? She said that she really liked working at tech but that this job would pay more and that working at Pantex would look

English: View of the Pantex plant in a photo o...

English: View of the Pantex plant in a photo of an unknown date. This photograph was obtained from the CDC webpage. The borders were present in the original downloaded photo, and the photo submitted to Wikimedia Commons was not edited or altered from the version on the webpage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

good on her resume if she did decide to move someplace else. She sent me her resume and I took it over to the hiring manager at the plant, he said that she had a good chance because since I worked there meant that a lot of her security background was completed when they investigated me for my employment with them, in fact where it took me eleven months to get cleared it only took less than a month for her so we got her moved back and we started carpooling the 30 miles one way to work.

Sis worked out at Pantex for about two years when they sent her to a school on People Soft software. The people there was impressed with CeAnne and they asked her if she would be interested in coming to work for them, She said that at the time she was happy with her job and that it was close to her family. Well Pantex had their chance sis was told that she would be able to move up in the company but they were not coming thru so one day the People Soft people was talking with her and again they asked if she would come to work for them and she told them yes. She started work and right away she was making good money consulting and was traveling all over the world. I don’t think you can tell that we are very proud of our daughter, and by the way you know we sent her off to school without a car, after she graduated we got her a Geo Storm.


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