Marry Christmas to one and all

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Back when our kids were in grade school and we were involved with the PTA I would be Santa Clause for the schools Christmas party of course my kids knew I was just playing Santa and was being one of his helpers. I rely enjoyed doing this even though most of the kids knew who I rely was. The little neighbor kids across the street did not know who I was or even that I was coming. I was dressed up one night going to a cub scout meeting so as I was getting ready to leave, I thought I would walk across the street and surprise them, they were so excited, and to see thee look in their eyes when they came to the door was priceless. The scout troop that we were members of had collected some presents for some kids who were on one of those trees with names on it and we were getting ready to take them to their home so we loaded the boys and presents up in the suburban and drove across town where the kids lived. To this day I will never forget the kids in the neighborhood where we went dropped everything they were doing and came running hollering Santa Clause they started telling me what they wanted and thin they wanted to know why I was in that car. I had to tell them that the reindeer had to rest for the big night and that this scout troop was nice enough to let me use their car. I finely made it to the apartment that the kids lived and we got to deliver their presents here again just seeing the kids’ faces light up was real blessing the innocence and loving of a little child is so beautiful.

You know the Christmas season is beautiful and the thoughts of Santa and kids getting presents is great but and I do mean a great big BUT we as a human race have completely let it get out of control. The true reason for this season is Jesus Christ and the real gift is that he died for us and arose again on that third day so that we could receive Him the gift from God. Just as the blessing I received seeing and watching those innocent kids as they were getting those gifts is what we as christen should be filling as we tell the whole world that this one and only gift is free and all you have to do to get it is ask for it.


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