Jeff reminds me of my self

 I received a phone call one day and it was a man saying that my son’s car was pealing out in the schools gravel parking lot and broke his son’s passenger side door glass. I told him to have it replaced and I would pay for it, I did not want to file a claim with my insurance because it would make it go up. Later the man called again and said it chipped the paint on the door and finder. I talked with Jeff to get the whole story he confessed that his friend the other Jeff was driving. I called my insurance guy and told him that he will be getting a call about the Camaro doing damage to another  boy’s car but that my son was not driving that his friend was. Come to find out that the friends insurance was the same as ours and so he filed the claim on the friends insurance.

We got another phone call and it was the principle up at Randall wanting to talk to Jeff’s mom. Come to find out Jeff and some of the friends had been watching the girls’ basketball team play ball and I do not know the full circumstances of it but the boys did not like what was going on with the other them so they just mooned them which was bad enough but it was also caught on video.

Jeff loved his Camaro he saved up money and bought special wheels and then took it to a muffler shop and had twin glass packs installed, and at least he would take it out south of town where the Amarillo police would sponsor legal drag racing and he would race it there. This reminds me of whin I was in the Civil Air patrol and I had borrowed Moms 1956 Oldsmobile to pick up some friends and go to the meeting, I was behind Mr. Hurst our leader when I decided to pass him I put the pedal to the metal and started around him when a car topped the hill coming toward me well that car had to take to the ditch of course being a kid I thought that it was funny after all no one was hurt. When we got to the meeting Mr. Hurst jumped all over me turning me ever which way but lose then he made me do 50 push up, that was hard for me to do. I totally rebuilt Jeff’s engine once and Jeremy’s engine once I was getting tired of working on those cars and I guess when Jeremy ran his engine out of oil was the last straw, I had to rent a car hauler and drive to Lubbock to pick it up, I found that the block was ruined. We went around checking on another car of some sort when we found we could buy two new Ford Ranger pickup at a good price, we bought them and got them to the boys, my getting calls about their auto problems came to a halt in fact when they would come to me to change oil I told them how to do it then I would set out there and watch them.


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