The twin’s first experience with college

Jeremy played football at Randall and as far as I know he liked it, but I do know one thing he likes and that was a certain cheerleader named Aubrey. I remember the cheerleaders went to state in Austin he could not ride the bus down but he did want to go watch her. I would not let him drive down there so I took a days’ vacation and drove him and a friend down there, we drove eight hours there he watched her competition and we drovEnglish and Philosophy building at Texas Tech ...e the eight hours back. I thought this was crazy at the time little did I know that she was my future daughter-in-law and I was going to have two wonderful grandsons out of it. Jeremy was a year older than Aubrey and after he and Jeff graduated from high school (Yea both boys finished high school) they started going to Texas Tech University down in Lubbock Texas. I guess it is a good school but as for my boys it was a party school. I recommend that if anyone has their kids go to tech either lay the law down our make them pay for their first year. Our daughter lived in Lubbock in fact she worked for Texas Tech She had a Bassett Hound puppy and the boys thought taking that dog around was a good way to meet girls; they had taken the dog up to their dorm which was on the third floor. They were not paying attention to the dog for a little bit when they noticed the dog was gone they were looking everywhere in the room but could not find her, then they heard it barking in the next room the dog crawled out the window walked down the ledge and went in the next room. The boys moved back to Amarillo and it wasn’t long after that I found out that Jeremy and Aubrey were serious we went camping down in Palo Duro Canyon. TEnglish: The "lighthouse" formation ...he travel trailer would sleep six Charlotte and I slept on the made up bed, Jeremy slept on the fold down bed and Aubrey slept on the table that made a bed. The next morning when we got up my hair was a mess and my fat stomach was sticking out a little so I told her that this is what Jeremy would look like in a few years and was she sure she wanted to be a member of the family? Since I said I had to grandsons you can figure out what the answer was.

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