The boys wreck at 17

You know I mentioned the Daihatsu in my last writing, I do not remember which Christmas it was but we were all going over to Charlotte’s mom’s house for the Christmas dinner we left out in the Suburban and the boys were coming in the Daihatsu. We hadn’t been at Vi’s very long when we got a call from the Amarillo Fire Department our boys was in a car wreck on the corner of Bell and Estacado which was just a few blocks from home, a Suburban hit the boys in the driver’s side door Jeremy was hurt a little but I thank he was more in shock than anything, Jeffery had jumped out and was trying to get help for his brother. Luckily there was a fire department just about a block away on Estacado and they heard the wreck happen and rushed to the scene they helped Jeremy out of the car and was checking him over when we arrived and thank goodness we could see both boys standing by the fire truck. Jeremy would not ride in the ambulance so we took him to the hospital to be checked out, I do not know how except that God was with them because as you can see in this picture of a Daihatsu it is not very big and a suburban is huge, the driver’s door was caved in which bruised Jeremy’s side and he had cuts all over from the flying window glass. Jeffery had a few cuts and I can’t remember if he had hit his head even though I do not see how he could have kept from it. After we were released from the hospital we all went over to Vi’s house for Christmas dinner.

Looks like my ould Daihatsu with out the banged up front end

After the boys wreck the drivers side of our little red was all caved in.

I am slow but I get there sooner are later, it just dawned on me as I was talking to Charlotte that the boys were 17 when they had this wreck which was the same age I was when I had my bad wreck, also both cars were little and they both were hit with something a lot bigger, thank goodness again that the boys wreck was not with an 18 wheeler.


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