Just the boys at home now

Jeremy Harbin in hospital

Jeremy after his appendix sugary

Well Jeremy wanted to play football but he had to wait until he healed up from the appendix surgery, both boys took shop that year Jeremy built a bridge and Jeff built a standalone full length mirror which both of them made it to state in Austin Texas. The next school year Jeremy finely got to play football. Jeffery got in to art and was really quit good he entered a free hand pencil drawing of his brother and it went all the way to the finals in Washington DC. The boys ninth grade year was when the schools were changing from junior high to middle school so they did not get to be the graduating class from middle school, they went straight from the middle class of one school to the bottom class in high school.
The boys only had one year at Caprock High school because we decided to look for a different house and move out of the small three bed room one bath 800 square foot home. Because of the job at Pantex which the Lord had provided we were able to pay off a lot of debt. We looked and even put bids on different house but did not get them, we were about to decide that maybe we were not supposed to move. One day while driving into a neighborhood which we had always considered to be way over our budget, we saw a house which was H.U.D. repossession and it had been setting empty for at least three years. We looked in it and we loved it the boys really liked it because it was located in the Randall high school district. We decided to put in a bid for just what they were asking for and thin prayed about it and ask God if it was His will that we might get it, well He answered our prayer and we got it. This house was a large three bed room with two baths and a fire-place, Oh yes it also had a two car garage it was around 1800 square feet, I had never owned a place with a garage. Poor sis we did not get a house with two baths until she moved out!

Looks like my ould Daihatsu with out the banged up front end

Looks like my ould Daihatsu but with out the banged up front end

Sis was a breeze to teach to drive but now the boys was a different thing. Of course we still have the suburban, but we also had a small Daihatsu car that had a stick shift and I figured they need to learn how to drive a standard. Before they were old enough to even get their learner permits I would take them to an empty shopping mall or church parking lot to let them practice driving. Amarillo gets snow several times a year so we had gotten a good two or three-inch snow so I took the boys to the church we go to because it had a big empty lot with nothing around for a good city block. I would let them take turns behind the wheel I wanted them to know how driving in snow and ice was like; I would have them try to take off as fast as they could to see how the car would react. Thin I would have them stop by slamming on the brakes, they liked that so I would remind them what would happen if you were out in traffic and you stopped like this. Then I showed them the correct way to drive in snow and ice. Needless to say I had to put a clutch in the car after teaching them how to drive a standard it was a good thing I was a mechanic it just cost me my time plus parts to fix it.
It was nice when they could drive and we did not haft to take them every place, but it was expensive to. We bought a couple of old clunkers, Jeremy got a Chevy Monte Carlo and Jeff got an older Camaro it seemed like it kept me busy working on them all the time. And Insurance for two 16-year-old boys at the same time, we told the boys that we could not afford for them to speed or drive recklessly any ticket would raise our insurance a lot. I had told the boys no one else is to drive their cars, well Jeff had that Camaro and of course he had friends that wanted to drive it and one day he gave in, luckily his mom was coming home from someplace when she saw Jeff’s car going down Bell street and there was a Jeff behind the wheel but it was not our Jeff it was one of his good friends. Mom told me when I got home, I called Jeff at his work and asked him where his car was, he hesitated before he answered me for he knew he was caught, and after that we hoped he had learned it is hard to keep stuff away from you parents.

Jeffs car

Jeffs pride and Joy


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