The kids going from grade school to middle school

Capitol Peak, along the hiking trail in Palo D...

Capitol Peak, along the hiking trail in Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: View of from the Interpretive Center

English: View of from the Interpretive Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sis started playing Cello in grade school and carried it over to what back then was Fannin Jr. High school except her music teacher changed her over to Viola without asking her mom who is a cellist in the Amarillo Symphony needless to say it did not go over very well, and when the boys made it to the fourth grade Jeremy played Bass and Jeff played Bass then switched over to Viola. We had to buy a Chevy Suburban to carry all the instruments plus the kids to school. (We actually bought it to pull the travel trailer but getting it because of the kids sounded better.) It seems like the minute we bought the suburban we turned into an instant bus for boy scouts, girl scouts, and of course school. When it became time for the boys to go to Fannin is when it became a middle school and sis had already moved on to Caprock High School in fact that made her a tenth grader. Speaking of Suburban this is what we had for CeAnne to learn how to drive in plus she took drivers education. She did not like driving that big car but that was all we had for her to drive at the time. The family would go down to Palo Duro Canyon State Park camping with some friends. CeAnne had just gotten her learners permit to drive, we had are camp site all set up so I decided she could drive around a little bit before we ate supper. She got behind the wheel and I was in the passenger side we started around a curve and a van was coming from the other side I kept waiting on her to react and pull over, but I waited to long and she hit the van. Thank goodness the man who was driving the van was so understanding he could see how upset she was so he told her do not worry about it and to get back under the wheel and drive. When she turned 16 she would not go and get her drivers licenses in that suburban, I found and bought an old Oldsmobile Omega, Charlotte went to pick her up from school and took her straight to the Department of Public Safety for her to get her drivers licenses.

Sis, the boys, and sis car

CeAnne car with the big tank the Suburban behind it.

Gateway arch and reflecting pool in St. Louis,...

Gateway arch and reflecting pool in St. Louis, Missouri, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was during this time period that we went on a two-week vacation up toward Arkansas, Missouri, and points east. We had spent the day at Silver Dollar City in Missouri, this is a big theme park and we all had a great time we thought. We spent the night at an RV park and then the next morning we started out toward St Louis Missouri when Jeremy said he was not feeling too good and was getting sick to his stomach. We figured it was something he had eaten back at the theme park so we stopped and got him some Pepto-Bismol which might help some. Poor kid we were pulling our travail trailer and the road had a lot of bumps so every time the car would bounce it would bounce a second time when the trailer hit the bump, this went on for miles. By the time we made it to St Louis he thought that he was feeling better so we decided we would go in the big arch, we parked and as we were walking toward the arch he got sick again. We went to a state park on the Illinois side of the river and just relaxed the rest of the day. It was about two in the morning Jeremy woke up saying his side was hurting, we woke up the other two kids loaded in the suburban and headed toward St Louis to the children hospital that I had seen on the way to the state park. We were coming to a town just outside of the park when I saw a policeman with some one pulled over, I stopped and asked him where was the nearest hospital, he told me to keep going straight and when we got to Alton Illinois there would be a hospital not too far off the road. It ended up that Jeremy appendix was about to burst and so he had surgery, praise the Lord we got removed before it completely burst. The week that Jeremy was in the hospital CeAnne and Jeff took full advantage of dad, they had me taking them shopping, to the movies and whatever else they could thank of. Jeremy and mom had to fly home and the other two kids and I drove home, we drove straight through to Amarillo it took us about 23 hours. CeAnne could not drive yet so I drove all the way and when I would feel sleepy she would give me some sunflower seeds to eat and that would wake me up for whale. Jeffrey wanted to fly home two but at the time it cost us around 400 dollars which we had to charge and that was rough on us back thin we shore could not afford another airline ticket plus I do not think that Charlotte could have handled both of them with Jeremy in a wheel chair.

Jeremy after surgery

At the hospital in Alton Illinois


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