The Kids at Lamar Elementary school

I was thinking back about my dad and how he loved his grand kid’s. When CeAnne was about two or three years old and we had gone over to mom and dads, CeAnne was playing with her grandpa when he got up held her hand took her in and showed her where grandma kept her makeup. We were all in the kitchen around the kitchen table, (We were always around that table when we were over there) when little CeAnne came walking in holding a tube of lipstick and she had it all over her face needless to say he got the look from mom and Charlotte. I never remember my dad getting upset with the grandkids but when all of us kids were there with all of our kids and it started getting a little loud he would just get up and go outside for a while. I do so wish he could have lived a little longer so that the boys could have gotten to know him, my grandfather died shortly after I was born and I cannot remember him.

     Sis started kindergarten and finely made more friends than just her brothers and that made up for the first day of school jitters. Not only did this start some lifelong friendships for her but also for us, we joinThe 6 of them with t- shertsed the PTA parent’s teacher association. It was in October and the PTA was getting ready for the Halloween carnival at Lamar Elementary school, we got together with the other parents to discuss what all we wanted to do for and at the carnival. Even though the kids don’t stay in touch as often, there are five of us couples that meet at least once a month to visit and of course eat and talk about the kids.

The twins started kindergarten four years later watch out Lamar here they come. One of the funniest things that happened that year was the boys were in different classes and one of the boys teacher was taking her class to the cafeteria all the kids were to stay in the line with no talking, about this time the other twin had gotten permission to go to the bathroom, you may have guessed it the other twins teacher saw him walking down the hall she stopped him got on to him and made him get in line, then she noticed his brother standing in line right where he was supposed to be. All the teachers had trouble for a while telling the boys apart.

     Being twins the boys always had each other to play with but most of all they love to give sis a hard time, what one did not think of the other one would that also applied to mom and dad. They did love their big sister and they looked up to her also. One day though sis decided to get back at them so while they were out in the back yard playing the subject of cancer came up why I do not know. Sis told the boys that if they took off their shirts and then go over to the big Elm tree in the back yard rub their bare backs against the bark that would keep them from getting cancer. Mom found out about this when both boys came in crying about their back hurting and told mom what sister had done.

      Lamar was a good school and all the teacher were great with the kids except for one, I guess she was a good teacher on the subjects she taught, but what made me upset was when she told Jeff he wasn’t very smart and that he would not amount too much this affected Jeff’s self-esteem throughout the rest of his school years. Jeremy’s teacher on the other hand told him that he could accomplish anything he wanted to do. All through the rest of their schools they usually mad the same grades even on test they would miss about the same amount of questions, it might not be the same question but it was on the same topic. The only time we had trouble with CeAnne was in the sixth grade her and one of her friends would stay after school to help their favorite teacher, we never knew why her grades started dropping plus she was getting a bit of attitude at home. We grounded her from working with her teacher for a six-week period, she got mad but she stationed up and that was it.


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