Helping one of my sons get to know God

I talked in one my previous blogs about knowing I belonged to God which means I am one of his adopted sons. I know that all my kids have been adopted also. Jeff was about seven years old and he asked me one night how do you get saved, I said let’s go out on the front porch and I will explain it to you. I said do you know that God has a Son? He said yes. Do you believe Jesus Christ was born here on earth to a woman named Marry and that she had never been with a man? (I had to explain what that meant) He said yes. Ok I said do you know that He died on a cross for your and my sins? He asked what does that mean. I told him that everyone sins it is in our nature, the minute we know from right and wrong we start sinning in Gods eyes. Jeff said he understands that, so I said do you believe that after three days he arose from the dead? And again he said yes so I told him to just say a prayer which is talking with Jesus. You know after telling Jeff how to ask Jesus in his heart I realized that I haven’t ever asked Him myself. We both said the prayer together, Jesus I know that I am a sinner and that you came to this earth-born of a virgin, died on the cross for me, was buried and rose again on that third day so please come into my heart to live. We both went to are preacher at church explained that we both accepted Christ as our Savior and we wanted to be baptized.


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