Watching my Family Grow

Ce at 4 weeks (2)

This Picture is how I found out what she looked like, She was 5 months old before I got to see her inperson

  We lived in that same little house which was a very small three bed room with one bath room. That was all we could afford when we first married and that is where we raised all three kids. CeAnne was four years old when the twins were born, she was quiet the helper she would help mom with everything it was just like she had two new baby dolls to play with. The boys were only two minutes apart, Jeremy was the first to be born he came out all bruised and his head was deformed a little from coming thru the birth canal thin Jeffrey came out looking perfect and he was so cocky he peed on the doctor.   I feel to this day that the reason CeAnne has asthma is because I smoked for her first four years of life, but after the twins were born I was needing cigarettes and they were needing formula and I knew if I bought smokes and the boys did not have their
formula than I would have hell to pay, it was hard but I quit smoking. Poor Charlotte was trying as hard as she could to keep up with the babies and CeAnne but she was getting pretty tired, she told me that she did not understand why one of the boys kept crying she knew she had fed them both, thin after thinking about she said I thank I fed the same one twice. I told her that when the boys wake up during the night to get me up and each one of us could feed them and that way she would not be up as long and both of them will be fed.

Jeremy and Jeffrey

Jeremy, Jeffrey

My dad passed away from a heart attack doing what he loved to do, dad and mom was at Foss Lake in Oklahoma fishing, mom tried to get him some help but she could not. Dad was taken to Cordell Oklahoma for the funeral. They had dads pickup and travail trailer with them and mom did not want to drive it back to Texas, so we loaded the kids up in Mom and dad’s car and drove it to Cordell, this was before having car seats so CeAnne was in the back seat and the boys road in Charlottes lap the 168 mils to Cordell.

I guess it was because of having two the same age but Charlotte and I did not get to have any alone time for going to a movie or anything for about three years, finely one of our sister-in-law’s stepped up and said she would watch the kids and told us to get out of the house even if it was to just go get a coke. I started calling CeAnne Sis all the time after the boys were born, poor thing she went from getting all the attention to hardly getting any, both boys kept us busy all the time for a while. We had a big back yard wich was fenced in so we could put her and the boys outside to play they all three liked that.

My Family

We had planed on only having two kids but as you tell the good Lord said we could handel three


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