God Provides New Jobs For Us

The job at the fright company did not pay all that well and we were living from pay check to pay check. The freight company was based out of Albuquerque New Mexico and we only got our checks when we had a truck come in from there which was not always right on payday. The fright manager was a nice lady and she was great to work for, our trucks were old and they would break down quiet often and I would get them going again. The manager’s husband was one of the foreman’s at Western International trucks, and she had talked with him about how I was always fixing the trucks at the freight lines. He called me one day and asked if I would be interested in coming to work at International, I jumped at the chance. This job paid a lot better than APEX Fright did. I worked on what they call a split salary The Company paid me at 60% and the other 40% was commission. (Commission is where if the job paid an hour and I did it in 10 minuets I would steal get paid for the hour.)

Here is where the Lord steps in again, I had been working at International for about six years when I had an opportunity to go to work for a car hauling company working on their trucks, and again this would be a good raise. After applying for the job and was told that I could go to work for them after I had a physical. Well you guessed it I failed the physical and did not get the job; would you believe that this was my back, the lower part had a curve in it caused when I had my wreck of course Charlotte and I were heart-broken. “Wait for it God is about to work for me again.”

 A few months went by and a friend who used to work with me at International called me and told me I need to apply at Pantex. This a plant NE of Amarillo and they do government contract work I told him what happened just a few months ago with the other job; he said well it would not hurt anything to try. I went ahead and applied and since this was for the government I knew I had to tell every thing so I put down that I had failed a physical because of my back from the wreck. They went a head and investigated me I went out to the plant to their medical department for a physical and I just knew I would fail it also, but when they took the x-ray of my back they said they did not see anything that would prevent me from working their. It took eleven months to get my clearance and I started the job on 06/01/1981. We were in hog heaven it was like the biggest raise of my life not only was the pay great but just think I did not have to buy tools, insurance, are uniforms and this added up to quit a bit. Praise the Lord.


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