Starting Married Life @ 19

65 mustang

Mine was metalflake gray with white interior with a 289 engine

I finely received a check from the insurance company and after paying off the doctors, and the hospital. I needed another car so I went to Sid Stout Ford down town, and order a 1964 Mustang convertible, I was told that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get it in. Finley mom and dad was leaving on vacation and I had to have a car to get to work so I went down and picked a brand new 1965 Mustang fastback off the show room flour. I do not know how much mustang cost now but I paid $3.500.00 for it in 1964.

We married on August 22 1965 and moved to Albuquerque as a couple when school started, thank goodness I had some of the insurance money left to help us live on because I had trouble finding a job, I remember trying to get a job at a service station but when the guy saw that I was driving a brand new Ford Mustang fast back he assumed that I did not need the money are maybe I would not take my job seriously on either account he did not give me the job. I tried several places to go to work but guess what I did not have the education they wanted, or the experience. Finely I went to a bowling alley and got a job as a bus boy at night. Charlotte and I did not get to see each other much due to her school and my job so we decided she would drop out of school and we moved back to Amarillo.

We rented a little house on South Jackson and I found a job at another mom and pop grocery store and I was to start work at 07:30 on a Monday morning. I was used to sleeping late because of working nights in Albuquerque so when the alarm went off I do not know if I turned it off or what but I woke up a little before 09:00, I got dress and got there as fast as I could, in fact I was scared of what he was going to say. Mr. Merriman met me when I came in the door and I was apologizing, he told me if I had the nerve to show up an hour and a half late he would go a head and give me a chance. Not only did I have the alarm set Mr. Merriman had Jim the butcher give me a call every morning until I got used to waking up on time.

Charlotte and I grew to love Bob and Sue along with all the employees at Merriman Fine Foods, I had not worked there very long when Charlotte and I decided to buy a little house on south Parker, it was going to be a little hard to make payments but we decided we could do it. When I told Bob we had decided to buy a house he said grate I will give you a raise to help make payments. When Charlotte’s dad passed away I called Bob to tell him, he said to stay home with Charlotte and then they came over carrying a fully cooked ham and all the trimmings. I continued to work at Merriman’s delivering groceries, restocking the shelves, and helping Jim in the meat department.

Ever since I had helped Dewy with the bread route I wanted to work for the bakery and I had heard thru the driver who delivered bread to Merriman’s that Tri State Baking was needing drivers and also that they had moved to Amarillo. I hated to leave Merriman’s but this job paid more and it also had better insurance, so I applied and got the job, I finely was driving at night and loving it, the only draw back was leaving Charlotte alone at night, in fact I thank it was my first night out and some man came to the door and asked directions to some place I know that it scared Charlotte and thank the Lord nothing happened.

Side note ( I have always said that I bought a 64 and half Mustang fastback, well I have a friend that told me Ford did not build the fastback until 1965.)

We were trying to have kids but weren’t having much luck, the doctors that we went to said that we ok and they did not know why she wasn’t getting pregnant, the doctors had us trying all kinds of things. We tried taking Charlotte’s temperature and when it was at a certain point she would call me and we would try with no luck. The doctor said we need to relax and maybe try to get Charlotte a little on the drunken side by the way that did not take much, but this also did not work. So we even contemplated adoption but this would be very expensive and we did not have that kind of money plus we did not feel the house was in the kind of shape that the adoption agency says it should be so we pretty much made our dog or kid.

So here again God was helping us even though we did not think so but by us not having kids right off it gave Charlotte and I time to grow closer to each other. I would recommend waiting a little while to have kids any one who is getting married, for I feel since you will be living together all your life you need to grow as close to each other and even become each other’s best friend. I do not know how many couple’s poor all their marriage into their kids and then after the kids move out they find that they have nothing in common any more.


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