The Move to the Big City

Dad transferred to the big city of Amarillo when I was about 17 years old and of course I needed to find a job, there was a mom and pop grocery store behind our house on Rule St. The store was located on North East Eight as it was called at that time. I was a stockier and cashier, I always knew that being good in math would pay off some day. I worked there for a few months until I decided I need more money so I set out to find a better job.

I heard about a job parking cars in the All Right Parking lots down town so I applied and landed the job. I had some training on parking cars in a big two-story garage with a basement for parking also, this was a great job I got to drive all different kind of cars and see a bunch of beautiful woman. I started parking cars by myself at a lot next to the old Amarillo hotel and the Vaughn building where at the time KVII television station was located. I remember that on Saturday afternoons they would have wrestling matches and all the big time wrestlers would come into my lot for me to park there cars. I had always thought wrestling was not real, not saying I could do it but I remember some of the wrestlers coming in and seemed like they were good friends with each other and then they would go inside to wrestle and try to kill each other, then come back out and go across the street to a local bar, buy and drink beer together before going home.

I remember parking my first VW van, the routine was to back the cars into the parking spots, I hopped into the VW drove forward to an empty spot and then tried to find reverse, I kept creeping forward each time I would try to see if it was in reverse and I was getting closer to a wall plus blocking an alley, finely some one came by and told me to push down on the gear shift and push back at the same time, guess what it worked.

I also remember my first accident at the parking lot I was parking a Lincoln Continental and backed it into a Cadillac, it did not hurt the Caddie but broke the tail light which was fairly expensive, and thank goodness the parking lot had good insurance.

There were no bathrooms at the parking lot so I would have to go next door to the Amarillo hotel. There were lots of pigeons around down town and as I was walking around the corner of the hotel a pigeon took aim and pooped on my shoulder. I went on in to bathroom, have you ever tried to clean pigeon poop, well all it does is smear and stink thank goodness I had on a T-shirt under my work shirt. I went on back to work called Richard to come by and watch the lot while I go and get a clean work shirt.


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