My First New Car

Triumph sports-6 1963

Between my folks and me working I finely raised enough money to buy me a sports car, it was a Triumph sport six convertible it was white with red interior. I turned 18 in June and bought this car on July 1st 1964, the only way I could save this money was to give everything to mom and dad but if I need money for any thing they always gave it to me. I had found a car stereo with a set of speakers I installed the speakers in the doors and the radio between the seats; this is the only place it would fit. I started dating a girl named Ginger and it was the Forth of July weekend, I asked her if she would want to go to my grandmother’s house in Skellytown Texas. For we were going to have a family get together, she agreed and we drove about an hour and a half with the top down we both received bad sun burns on our faces and arms, she was wearing a strap top and her bare shoulders blistered with second degree burns.

I guess this is when I first became a lost sinner in my mother’s eyes because Ginger was a Baptist and I joined her church and was baptized in a Baptist church, I rely did not find out until later just how mom felt about it. I also told mom the only reason I joined was to be close to Ginger and impress her parents. This was the second time I was baptized for the wrong reason; I will explain the right reason later. I guess I had better quit talking about her and whatever you do don’t tell Charlotte about Ginger!!!! Don’t worry about it she already knows.


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