My First Incounter With the Love of My Life

One day I was working at the parking lot close to the Greyhound Bus Station, it was a busy part of town and it took at least three attendants to handle the customers, I was working with my boss Richard, and another man Austin, when these three girls or should I say WOMEN came in. I rely licked this one girl she was beautiful, after they left I asked my boss who she was, and he said she was his cousin so I got her phone number. That night I got up the nerve to call her and ask her out, she said she would go on one condition it had to be a double date. I talked to my boss and explained the situation. He called up one of the other girls and we set up a date to go to a drive in theater. Charlotte and I set in the front seat and Richard and Laverne were in the back seat, I drove so I was setting under the steering wheel and Charlotte was over in the passenger seat, when the movie started Richard kept telling me to scoot over because he could not see the movie, finely I was setting next to Charlotte it was nice. I really liked her so a stayed on my best behavior. This would be a good place to say all three of us men at the parking lot married the three women that came in that day. Richard married Laverne, 48 years, Austin married Patsy, 47 years and I married Charlotte, 47 years now.

I guess this was the summer of 1963, I thank this was our second or third date at least it was just the two of us and we were at a drive in restaurant getting a coke, we started back to her house and the throttle cable came loose on my car, we was not very far from her house but I did not want to leave my car so I popped the hood and set on the fender operating the throttle while Charlotte drove it to her house, this was the same 53 ford that I had in Borger and I found out then that Charlotte could drive a standard. We dated until Christmas time and I guess I was taking her for granted for I came to her house to pick her up and she was going to the symphony with one of her cousins, this went all over me for some reason and I sped out of there piling rubber and we broke up. I would guess that would mean I had a hot temper, Ask Charlotte she will tell you that it took her years to get me to mellow down.


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