A Rebellious Teen Part Three

Dad did finely get refrigeration installed in his truck to keep the milk cold; he had to take it to Pampa Texas to have this done. When the truck was finished dad sent me and a friend to pick it up and drive it back to Borger. One time while helping dad with the milk route and by now I’m hooked on smoking and of course I tried the best I could not to smoke during the whole milk route but I was filling the so-called nicotine fit, finely I could not take it any more so I got up the nerve to tell dad. I asked dad if I could tell him something and also asked him not to get mad at me, he said what is it son just ask, so I did I told him that I smoked, he said I know son your mom told me about six months ago, so I asked him how did she know and he said she not only could smell it on me but that she fond tobacco in my shirt pocket. I gave a sigh of relief and asked for a cigarette. This turned into a 14 year pack and a half habit.

Now for one of my brighter moments, we had a science fair at school and I built a crystal set radio from scratch. I found a kit that would show you how to build one. I went to a hobby shop and bought a crystal then I found some copper wire and wrapped it around a toilet paper row. I can’t remember now what all I did to make it but I got it all put together and thin for the science fair I ran some wire out to the school flag pole for an antenna. When the judges came by to look at it I rotated the toilet paper role that had the wire wrapped around it which it would rub the crystal until I picked up KIXZ radio in Amarillo Texas which is 50 miles away by the way, this impressed the judges and I made an A for the science fair.

Well as usual I was placed from the ninth grade to the tenth grade. I did it I finely made it to high school. I was always trying to act tough to impress the girl’s even though it never worked. The first 6 weeks went by fast and my grades were not all that impressive of course. It was getting to where I could not wait to smoke my next cigarette, I asked the teacher if I could go get a smoke after all it was study hall and of course he said no. After he would leave the room I would light up right there in class in fact there was a couple of us that did this when he got back he could smell that someone had been smoking I know he most likely knew who did it but we all stayed quite but finely someone snitches on us and we were sent to the principles office and thin given a three-day suspension from school. After the three days were up I told my parents that I did not want to go back to school and they said I did not have to, I am not sure if it was because both of my sisters had dropped out of school also. Hine sight is always 50/50 but I do wish I had finished High School. When Borger High had their school reunions I wanted to go so bad to see if I might see some of my old friends, but since I was a drop out I did not have the right to go.

I had a good friend Stanley; his dad drove a bread truck for Tri State Baking Co. He would let us go with him on his route which would be all night long, I really liked going with him. In fact I enjoyed being out on the road at night I guess that was where my love for driving at night came from. I would go with Dewy every chance I got to help him drop off the bread. We would pull up to a store and set the bread out side by the doors and that is where it would set until the store opened the next morning. I did not drink coffee back then, just did not care for the taste, but it always smelled good, one night Dewy asked me if I wanted some and I said yes it tasted terrible it was so sweet and it had milk in it, my dad always drank it black in fact he told me if you are going to drink coffee drink it like a man drink it black.

I got a job at a convenient store stocking the shelf’s with groceries, sweeping up, moping, and separating pop bottles before the soda man came. It did not pay much but I could buy gas and smokes.


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