A Rebellious Teen

When I entered Stephen F. Austin junior high school which back thin was the seventh grade I was a year older than every one else but was probably a year or so behind them in the smarts department. It did not take long before I started making some friends and of course it wasn’t with the poplar kids. I was one of those kids that the poplar girls, you know like the cheer leaders and of course the guys that these girls would like did not want to have anything to do with. I went out for football but I knew my grades was not good enough to be able to play so I quit the team, I do not know if that is why to this day I do not care for sports. This is also when I started smoking, some of us would sneak around behind the gem to grab a smoke, I know now days the kids just light up right out in public. Plus I did not want Mom to know I was smoking, I would find places to hide my cigarettes before I went into the house. I would walk over to my friend Ricky Joe’s house and then we would walk to school together and I remember one day walking home and some older boys are even men I am not sure of their age drove by and shot us the middle finger so trying to be tough I shot it right back, well they chased us down and beat the crap out of me, you would have thought then I would have learned my lesson about smarting back to some one.
I was placed into the eighth grade, and about the only good thing I could say about it is that I was old enough to get my driver’s license. I took drivers education along with the ninth graders and became a little more popular with the kids of course I did not get to drive by my self unless we went to visit my uncle who lived out in the country. The only thing I had ever driven was dad’s old car and the milk truck which both of them were standard transmission. The driver’s ed. car was a new 1961 Ford and it was an automatic I got behind the wheel when it was my turn to drive and I was not sure what to do because I could not find the clutch. Other than not knowing how to drive an automatic the instructor was impressed with my driving.
There was this one boy Richard that I started running around with which got me into a little trouble with the law. One day we were hanging out with each other walking around down town, we entered a Montgomery Ward store just to look around and ended up in the gun section where Richard looked at a 22 cal pistol. I do not understand why the sales man even took it out of the gun case to show it to him since he was a miner but he did. I was not with Richard while he was looking at the gun, but after we left the store he showed the gun to me some how he had stolen the gun. I told him he should not have taken it and that he should take it back but he said he was going to keep it. The next day Richard brought the gun to school and was showing it off to some other kids and the next thing I know I was being called to the principles office where there was a policeman standing there with Richard. The principal called are parents and they came to the police station where we were questioned separately. I told the police that I was not with Richard when he took the gun and that I told him he should take the gun back, and when they asked why I did not tell any one what he had done I said that I did not want to be tagged as some one who would squeal on you in the school. I was free to go and I do not remember what happened to Richard.


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