A Rebellious Teen Part Two

When I entered the ninth grade I had my driver’s license and dad had bought me a 1951 Ford to drive if I remember correctly I thank he gave 100.00 dollars for it. I was one of a few kids in junior high to have a car so I became a little more popular. I remember going to a football game at the school and had parked alongside the field which was back behind the school. The game was in the 3rd quarter and I was getting a little board so some friends and I decided to go get a coke, the car had a standard transmission, so I fired up the engine revved it up a few times to show off put in reverse and popped the clutch, well we were parked in the dirt and so dirt flew up into the air and the wend caught it and took it right over the field. The next day I was called into the principal’s office the assistant principal was the coach, he said bend over and grab your ankles I received three swats on the behind and thin was told I could not bring my car to school for two weeks. Her again I thank we made a mistake when we took that power away from the teachers to punish our children, there is no fear in the kids so the teachers have no control on them.
All thru school I had a rough time with my grades, I do not remember ever passing, the rest of the years it seems like I was placed into the next grade. I was good in math but the rest was always hard for me, this did not seem to bother mom and dad they just kept on loving me. I was big ever since I can remember and kids can be so cruel, I was laughed at and made fun of most of my life and that could be some of my self-esteem problems even today.
I had worn out a set of tires on the back wheels, yes in those days the cars were rear wheel drive. Dad picked a pair of mud and snow tires cheap and had them mounted on my car, he told me do not spin the back tires because it would tear up the car, well guess what I was out running around with the gang pulled up to a stop light and while setting there waiting on the light to change I kept revving the engine and when the light changed I popped the clutch and we went no where, I had twisted the axle into.
It took serial weeks before I could get my car fixed and dad made me save up from little odd jobs I was doing to pay for it. After getting it fixed and learning a lesson I took a little better care of it I thought. One Saturday afternoon some of us guys went joy riding, we invited a girl to go with us, we headed out toward the country and she was in the back seat with a couple of the guys and you could only imagine what was going on back there, I just couldn’t take it and I had to see what was going on so I looked over my shoulder, well the road curved and I didn’t I clipped a wooden pole (The poles were to help you see the curve at night and also to keep your car from crossing to the other lane.) it caved in the hole left side of the car, smoke started poring out from the left rear of the car, it was from the left finder rubbing the tire. I got the car pulled over and everyone scattered, we weren’t to far from town so we all walked back, the only thing that was hurt was my car and my pride. I got home and gave dad my keys I told him what happened (except for the girl part) and I said I would never drive again, of course I did. I went with dad he looked at the car and he pried the finder off the wheel and I drove the car home. I know now the Lord was looking over me because some one could have gotten hurt.
I do not remember where we got the money but dad found a 1953 Ford that I really liked it was fixed up with V8 out of a wrecked Thunderbird and it also had a four speed standard in the floor. I remember dragging main street a few times and other guys would pull up beside me and ask if I wanted to race (on the back of my car it had the word Ford-a-matic) which meant automatic transmission. I remember acting like I was putting it in gear with the shifter which was still on the column but not hooked up. When we took off I would reach down to shift to next gear I would start pulling away and they would back off. At least that’s the way I remember it and after all I am telling the story.


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