Pre-Teen Years

There was a carbon black plant located near Borger Texas and back in the fifty’s before the clean air act everything near the plant was covered with black dust, I fell asleep on my bed with the window opened and a small shower came up, when I awoke I found that my face was checkered where the rain hit my face thru the screen on the window. Also when mom would hang the laundry out on the cloths line (What is that you ask this is before every one had washers and dryers.) she would haft to wipe it off with soap and water to get the carbon black off, plus she need to make sure which way the wend was blowing so that the carbon would not float over the house while her cloths were on the line.

I went Quail hunting with both of my brother-in-laws one Saturday, and I should have stayed home, I got hurt two separate times and no I wasn’t shot. James had built a river buggy, what this is you say it is an old car that had been striped of its hood, top, trunk, finders, and doors, he had put dual rear wheels on it and that was what we took hunting. The first time I was hurt was when James revved it up and popped the clutch, well I fell out and when I hit the ground it knocked the wind out of me. And the second time was the engine quiet and he could not get it started so George got a ride into town and got his car, came out to where we were and we pulled the buggy back to town, well when we got to the house James said jump out and un hook the chain, I forgot about the duals and just as soon as I got out the duals caught me and down I went skinning both of my legs thank goodness we were not going very fast and that I did not break any thing. I did not have any brothers that was alive any way so I looked up to both of them, James was always patient with me, and Georg well he was a big and burley man and I was always a little afraid of him.

This also was after the Second World War so it was natural for me and my friends to play war games. We all got together and joined the Civil Air Patrol, we got to wear what looked like the Air force uniform, we met once a month and we were trained to help find down air craft. Some time we would march around wearing are uniforms thinking we were so cool looking? The CAP was given an old trainer air plane, it would set two one in the front and one in the back seat. There was a stick and two rudder pedals in front of both seats. The pilot would take turns taking each one of us up for a flight, I do not know if he did this for each one of us but when we were up there he asked me if I wanted to fly it and of course I said sure. I looked up and he had lifted both of his hands up in the air it scared me so I grabbed the stick and we started going up and down until it straightened out, I am sure he was still in control but I felt that I was flying the plane. I loved flying and I had told myself when I grow up I am going to join the Air Force. One other highlight was when we took a road trip to the Amarillo Air Force Base; we got get up and close to a B 52 bomber.


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