As a Child Part Four

Mom and dad were very faithful to go to church every time the doors were opened. I enjoyed it ok but I just did not understand what all was going on, I guess what I am trying to say is I was just along for the ride, in fact I would notice that every Sunday they would partake of the Lords Supper. When I would try to take it mom or dad one would tell me that I had to be saved (What does that mean) and baptized before I could take it. I guess I did not think to ask them what that meant but I did notice that people would go down and talk with the preacher and then later he would baptize them. So you guessed it one Sunday I got up and went down to the front and when the preacher asked me if I wanted to be saved and baptized, I sad yes. I do know for a fact that they bathed me in prayers for as my life continues on it will become more evident.

Growing up in a small town had its advantages, I could go all over town by myself on foot or on a bike and no one would bother you. As I walked around I would collect glass coke bottles and when I had 6 or so of them I would go to the store and sell them, this would give me about .30 cents. I would then head for one of the three movie theaters we had in town, I could get in buy a coke and some popcorn.

Mom and dad was not prejudiced and I was taught to like everyone in fact we would go to tent revivals in what was called back thin as colored town and they would last for hours, I just enjoyed seeing the black people dance, holler, and jump up and down. I remember walking home one day and this big black lady came walking out of a laundry mat, I had over heard some kids talking about nigger’s, so I was going to be friendly and I said hello nigger to this lady, she started after me screaming at the top of her lungs I am no nigger, needless to say I was glade I could out run her, for I thought if this lady catches me she is going to kill me. I ask dad about that when I got home and he said never call some one that name it is a disgraceful name for black people.

I was the youngest of three so that meant I was the Baby of the family, also being the only boy helped some for getting spoiled. My oldest Sister was about 8 years older than me and we did not get a long with each other much, it seamed like every time we moved to another house it would not be to long before sis would knock me through a wall or I would knock her through the wall. I guess she was purity cool though because I did remember that she worked in one of the move theaters and she would give me free popcorn, or if some older kids tried to pick on me she would step in and help me. To this very day I don’t know what she did but I remember dad had a hold of her and was spanking her with a belt, dad was always purity even-tempered I know she had to of done something bad to have set him off that way.

My next oldest sister was about four years older and to best of my knowledge we got along just fine. With her I remember that when Elvis Presley was alive and singing on the TV all I would here was her and her friends screaming every time Elvis would shake his hips. This would also happen when the Beatles came on the air, I guess that was what turned me off both of these singers. When Judy was married it was on Halloween night and I did not go to the wedding I thought it was more fun to stay home and scare the trick or theaters.A cropped photograph depicts singer Elvis Pres...


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