As a Chaild Part Three

I remember when we got a black and white TV; in fact when TV’s came out black and white was all you could get. The local channels from Amarillo were only two channels that would not come on until about 6:30 pm. We would set in front of the TV and watch the test pattern till the stations would come on the air. Later dad bought a color plastic sheet that would attach over the front of the TV screen to make it a color TV, the only problem with that was every thing on the bottom was green the middle was yellow and the top was red.

Well we moved again this time it was next door to my grandmother’s house and also next door to the Second Street Church of Christ. I remember going next door to my grandmother’s house and she would fix me some pancakes with home made syrup, the pancakes were so light you could put a half dozen or more on your plate at one time, I had better quit talking about them it is making me hungry.

I started helping my dad deliver milk door to door on the weekends and during the summer. Milk came in glass bottles so as dad would drop off the full bottles and I would pick up the empties. This was in the mid to late 1950’s, dad had a fairly new truck it was a 49 Divco; we would leave out early in the mornings around 5am. The first stop would be the ice plant to buy block ice and chop it up to keep the milk cold. After making a few delivers we would stop by a little cafe between Borger and Phillips to drop off some milk and eggs, and then we would eat something I remember ordering a hamburger and a coke and of course they would make fun of me but they would fix it for me while dad would eat eggs and bacon and of course coffee. (If he didn’t get his coffee he would have caffeine fit) On hot day’s kids would run up to the truck and we would give them little chunks of ice to eat. I also don’t know how dad made any money because I was always drinking some chocolate milk, orange drink or something. As I grew older dad would let me drive when we were out in the rural areas. What was neat about it is you had to stand up to drive it. The truck was a standard shift when you stepped down about half way on the pedal that was the clutch, and all the way down was the break. Needless to say the first few times that I drove it the truck was empty. Dad did have a rough time getting me up that early in the mornings to help him but I grew to love the time I had with dad.

One of my recollections of dad was that he was a chain smoker and as we would get to a customers house he would lay his cigarette on a ledge by the window, I was always trying to get him to quit smoking. I remember one Forth of July buying some fire crackers, and I thought it would be funny to trick dad. The ledge where he would put his cigarette had a bunch of ashes in it so I hid a fire cracker in it with the fuse at about where he laid it, yep that’s right he laid his cigarette down went to the house to drop off the milk and just as he was stepping back in the truck it went off, needless to say he did not think it was funny and I received a spanking. This was long before you could get in trouble and call this child abuse. Honestly I think it was a mistake to take that right away from the parents and teachers?


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