As a Child Part Two

We finely moved out of that house to one across the street from where dad worked which was Plains Creamery, it was on one corner, and my school was on the other corner. I remember one day it was my turn to raise the flag on the flag pole out side, me and one other boy were talking and goofing around while we raised the flag, I hooked the clips on the flag and then we sent it up tied it off and went back into the school, well the school kept getting phone calls wanting to know what was wrong and when they said nothing was wrong why do you ask, they said the American flag was flying up side down. I was called to the office and was told to go out and take down the flag flip it over right and raise it again. Needless to say I never got to raise the flag again.

In about 1955 we had a bad wind storm come up, and I remember it was about noon time but it was pitch black out side except for the street lights that came on, the schools let out early and since we lived across the street from the school they let me walk home. Instead of going home I went across the street to where mom was working in the little ice cream shop located at Plains Creamery. When I walked in the door I had little spots all over my face, it was mud balls where drops of rain hit me and as it came down it would collect the dirt that was in the air and it would turn to mud.

To this very day I have no idea what was wrong with me but after finding some of my old report cards they show that I did miss several days of school, About all I remember of this whole deal was I barely got up to go to the bath room and when I was finished doing what ever it was I was doing I was so weak I had to holler at mom to come and help me up, I can’t remember if she had to carry me back to bed but after that I do remember that I could not get up with out assistance I also have no idea how long this lasted.

We were playing baseball after school one day and I was up to bat, the pitcher pitched the ball and I swung at it, I am not sure which one hit me in the mouth if was it the ball or the bat, but my mouth swelled up so bad I couldn’t stand for any thing to touch it. I was in Boy Scouts and we had a camp out that weekend and I wanted to go pretty bad so mom went to the store and bought some cans of Benny Weenies, the only way I could eat them was to pour them into my mouth not letting any thing touch the lips. The rest of the scout troop loved it though because I was the bugler and could not blow reveille in the mornings to wake them up.

The house we lived in had a flat roof, and the walls extended above the roof about three feet, there was a tree growing fairly close to the house I would climb the tree and get on the roof, that was my hiding place. My sisters were teenagers then so I would get on the roof and watch them when they came home with a boyfriend. I also remember hiding in a closet after telling mom I was leaving for school and when she left for work I would come out and play, until I got caught the school called mom and asked if I was ok because I did not come to school.


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