As a Child Part One

I have had people tell me that they could remember back as far as two are three years of age. I have tried but just can’t do it; I do not know maybe I was sent here from another world!! Ha, Ha,

I do know because I was told that I was born in Cordell Oklahoma on 06/06/1946 and we moved to Borger Texas in 1947, my earliest memory as a boy growing up in Borger which is located in the Texas Panhandle was that a terrible storm was building and we were under tornado warnings, the rain was coming down hard and we had to go to a neighbor’s house about a half a block away, dad picked me up and carried me so that I would not have to walk in the mud, for in this part of town all we had was dirt roads.

There was a dry creek bed running thru our neighborhood in North part of town where we lived, I lived on one of the thru streets, Stanley lived on the north side of the creek and my cousin John on the South side, All three of us would walk all up and down the creek bottom, every once in a while we would cross over the highway and go hiking out in the country heading north toward the Canadian River. Of course we did not hike all that way to the river but we found a cliff that was what I remember to be about forty feet tall, (I was smaller then so it looked that tall.) we would jump off it into some soft sand down below, then climb back up and do it again, it was a wonder we did not break something. It was during this time I also remember receiving a purity good spanking, I thank it was my self and one other boy was playing on the north side of our house and we decided to play like we were camping. I went into the house and got a sheet then we built us a tent, I decided it would not be a camp out with out a fire so I gathered up some sticks and built one, I guess dad smelled the smoke and came out to investigate, he put out the fire sent the other boy home, scolded me saying did you not thank that you could have burnt down the house and then gave me a spanking.( Now days that would be considered child abuse, but in my opinion it is not and I deserved it.)

One day I had walked over to John’s house and we were playing out side, the alley was up about fifteen feet from the level of the house, there was a storage building built next to the edge of the ally, you guessed it we would get on top off the storage building and jump off, I do not remember how many times we did this until aunt Lois came out and told us to stop before we broke something. We stopped doing that and went on to other things, they had an old pick up and there was a horse saddle in the back of the bed, so John and I would take turns getting on it and acting like we were getting bucked off, it was my turn to ride and I was doing pretty good until the saddle and me came tumbling out of the pickup bed and on to the ground, I broke my right arm down by the wrist. Sense I was right handed I had trouble writing anything in school I would try left handed but a person could not read it, I was doing bad enough in school without this happening to me, I don’t know for a fact but this might have been when I failed the second grade.


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