My advise for a long and happy marriag

I am not an expert but I have been married now for 47 years. I met my wife when I was 16 years old; we dated for a while and thin broke up (my fault). I posted the other day about a wreck I was in when I was 17, well she came to see me in the hospital and I realized then I had to try to win her over again. We dated for about a year and half and I asked her to marry me, she said yes but she was going to U.N.M. in Albuquerque New Mexico and wanted to wait till she graduated. We just could not wait any longer so we married when we were both 19 years old.
My dad gave me some of the best advice before we married and that was to never go to bed mad, I am not saying that did not happen some but it was not very often; we loved to kiss and make up. I know that this was God working for we tried to have kids after we had been married for a year but we could not get pregnant no matter what we tried. It was 5 years before she became pregnant with our daughter. In that 5 years we became the best of friends, I honestly thank that is what bonded us together that no matter what happened in our lives we could handle it together.
After the car wreck and as bad as I was messed up at the time I never thought I would serve in the military. When I was 23 years old Uncle Sam called me and guess what I passed the physical, my wife and I talked it over we already had several friends killed in Viet Nam who was in the Army so I joined the Navy. I was 2 to 3 years older than any of the guys in boot camp and because of the wreck I had a harder time keeping up with the younger men but I did it. Being in the Navy and being an E-4 we did not get paid all that well, and being away from my wife while overseas must have been what caused it for when she met the Ship in San Diego it wasn’t long before she became Pregnant. My daughter was 5 months old before I got to see her when I got out of the Navy.
Four more years passed and we had twin boys and are family was complete, we had only planed on having two kids but the good Lord decided we need three. Even while raising our 3 kids my wife and I stayed best friends and decided on ever thing we did together. So now I have a beautiful wife, 3 great kids and 4 wonderful grandsons.


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