A Loving God

I would like to share what God has done for me, before I invited him into my heart he was watching over me. When I was 18 years old I was going West down North East 3rd in Amarillo Texas heading to work on South Polk street. When the light changed at N 3rd and Taylor I got out into the intersection an 18 wheeler ran the light and hit my car broadside. (This was a small sports car with a cloth top) I was thrown out of the car and the car plus the truck ended up on top of me, it took two wreckers to get the truck and car off of me.
I was taken to the old Northwest Texas Hospital on 6th street. I had a concussion, eleven broken bones and a punctured lung. The doctors told my parents I was not going to make it but I did and then they told them that I would never walk and I did. In fact just three years later in August of 1968 I went into the navy and was sent to Viet Nam. As I said God is an awesome God.


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